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    160 solves. 2 rares, Pendant and Scarab Storm of course :/ last rare was the Pendant at solve 29.

    Sidenote: I got Tyrande's Favourite Doll on the 50th NE solve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Velthy View Post
    23 Tolvir solves, got ring, pedant, pet and mount.
    Checked your armory..
    Your a liar

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    does the armory show the artifacts you've solved? and solve counts?

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    I actually got it my first Canopic Jar 6 solves in, and it contained the recipe for the Vial of the Sands. Needless to say I was very happy. I also got the Pendant of the Scarab Storm on my second solve.

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    You're very lucky to already have gotten the staff on 51 solves.

    I myself have them all by now took me 262 total solves

    Ring - 5
    Pendant - 15
    Pet - 95
    Staff - 161
    Sword - 195
    Mount - 262

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    The tol'vir staff is all i have left to get and i'm up to 775 solves.

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    Just a side note on archy. Does anyone feel like they still get loads of racial digsites when they have completed a race? I myself completed my last nelf rare the other day but still 3/4 of my digsites that appear are nelf (though I have seen an increase in tol'vir digs admittidly). Just wondering other diggers views on it?

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    I completed all the NE rares reciently and there was been a huge drop in the number of sites I get now. There has been a few times when I get a lot, but that is rare.

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    There is a significant drop in the digsites after you complete the race, but you can still get alot of them. I completed night elf a long time ago, and before 4.1 i'd had times where i had 25+ night elf dig sites in a row, only to get 1 fossil site, then back to 3 hours of nothing but night elf. since 4.1 only about 3 or 4 time have I had all 4 sites up at once, and the longest i think i went was 6 night elf sites in a row.

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    How many solves has it taken people to get the Fossil shield? I have 151 Fossil solves total (didn't count how many I had pre 4.1 but the majority of them have been 4.1). A guildy got the shield a few days ago in around 55 solves.

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    Before I quit I only finished two rares... T_T

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    150 solves

    -scarab pendant

    I gave up though, might start farming the mount again

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    Quote Originally Posted by KasapMuhittin View Post
    Total artifacts
    Dwarf: 19
    Fossil: 268
    Night Elf: 762
    Tol'vir: 225
    Troll: 97

    No mount.. I think i'm the most unlucky guy on earth.
    No you are not

    301 Tolvir solves
    44 Jars
    3 rares .... no mount yet

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    I'm up to 795 solves, still no staff.

    Total: 3500
    Total artifacts
    Dwarf: 116
    Draenei: 13
    Fossil: 665
    Night Elf: 1497
    Nerubian: 21
    Orc: 11
    Tol'vir: 795
    Troll: 323
    Vrykul: 59

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    Spike's tol Vir numbers 8/3/11

    So far today date i have the following:

    Tol'Vir total completed artifacts: 108

    Ring of boy Emperor
    Pendant of the scarab storm
    Staff of Ammunae
    Scimitar of the Sirocco

    Cat Statue: 15
    Soapstone Necklace: 16
    Tiny Mosaic: 15
    Canopic Jar: 16
    Castle of Sand: 13
    Engraved Hilt: 17
    Sketch of Palace: 12

    I dont have alchemy so no recipe from the canopic jars. Still no pet or mount!
    Some people have all the luck..

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