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    Create a Druid Form!

    If Blizzard ever implemented new Druid Forms (which will probably never happen ) what would you want that form to be?

    Just use this template below,

    Name of Form:
    Stats/ Passive Abilities Gained: (i.e. Bear form gets more armor, Travel Form gets increased speed)
    Abilities Gained:

    The Form can be anything so post away with any ideas you can think of (the Form can be the most useless and pointless Form ever btw.)

    Here's mine,

    Name of Form: Sloth Form
    Stats/Passive Abilities gained: Decreases Haste by 500% and Movement speed by 60%, only usable in a tree. It is immobile for 23 hours a day due to sleeping habits unless woken up.
    Abilities Gained: Yawn - The Sloth yawns, decreasing it's speed and haste by 10%, stacks.
    Violent Rage - The Sloth has been woken up, causing it to attack everything in it's path, lasts for the amount of time left in it's 23 hour sleep cycle (i.e. it already slept 10 hours, woke up, Violent Rage for 13 hours.)
    Appearance: http://img218.imageshack.us/i/slothform.png/

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    With the introduction of Gnome Druids...
    Name of Form: Mouse Form
    Stats/ Passive Abilities Gained: tiny hard to hit, able to slip through cracks in walls, able to eat any thing
    Abilities Gained: unpuntable and spread plague
    Appearance: a Rat, a Grey Rat

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