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    Discipline vs Holy

    basically I've been rethinking about staying holy for now lately since we always
    seem to have a resto druid around and most 10 man fights so far seems like 2
    healer fights. I think Disc would be the better option to give one of us a solid
    tank healer spec, since this is an alt I've not had that many chances to upgrade
    old gear outside of DS but how would this gear do with Disc? I know I got no crit
    but there's some reforges wich could be done I hope, I litteraly got no clue how Disc
    works nowadays.

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    Iv only just resubbed after 9months off and found that holy can take heal decently, though i imagine once i get back into raiding ill find disc better for it. That being said, Holy can tank heal decently enough with single target charkra and Pom glyphed. Stay holy if your unsure on how to play Disc as im sure youll perform better playing a spec you know how to play better even if the spec is a little weaker for the roll then the other.

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    Having a discipline priest in every raid is an extremelly useful support for other healers. As discipline got the extreme ability of preventing damage, you can actually prevent people from getting one-shotted, you give other healers time to heal up, you also got great raid survivability cooldowns.
    Also, you're the only healer that can "heal" the debuffed targets on Spine of Deathwing. God knows how many times the shields have saved me there.
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    yea, I was healing spine the other day and realised how much easier it
    would've been had I been disc there.. I was the one assigned to healing
    debuffs of people, and I was practically spamming Binding Heal/GH or just
    Renew, Serenity/GH. Felt like Some of the things in Disc would've been
    of great help such as Train of Thought and Penance.
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    A disc priest is amazing, we did an alt run in DS10 couple of days ago, My priest being the only one geared near a main... (2 piece T13 only tho)
    Morchock, Holy -> sanctuary, Disc -> shield the melee/ranged when dmg incomes. Both the same and i didnt feel much diffrence.
    Ooze boss -> Aoe healing didnt feel one of the 2 shines it depends on your healer setup
    Pingpong boss -> While Holy should shine here on first thought after a couple of wipes i went disc when everyone said i shouldnt.
    It was a amazing experience, had alot less mana issues and the instant shield debuff people tactic is amazing,
    Hagara -> Disc helps with dps and shielding people that take dmg works great, Holy DPS is lower and thus i stayed disc
    Ultrax -> I went holy, 1 shotted this boss every time
    Warmaster -> no real comments, tried both specs i dont know what i prefer
    Spins -> disc
    Madness -> not attempted

    Disc got penance and a aoe shield with amazing throughoutputs and its really good, While holy REALLY has its advantages i feel that a good disc priest can be a lifesaver
    More then any healer a disc that knows the fights can be pushing your raid abit further then any other healer...
    im on 3/4 on my tiers now and i would be extremely happy if some tier drops in my next LFR

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    That alt run was Normal yeah?

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    As in not LFR.

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    I'll bump this cause I feel as it's been slightly out of topic I'll ask again for an experienced disc to have a peak at my gear and hopefully come with some suggestions
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    Disc is a veratile spec, it depends on ur playstyle and raid group or healing role inside the raid.

    U can either go Mastery/Haste for more raid healing or u can go Mastery/Crit for more DA procs on tank or stronger PoH DA's on a few of the raid. Your mastery is quite high, your crit is low. I would change some mastery to crit and a bit of haste to crit as well (thats my playstyle). I dont feel the need to go more haste yet. Your spirit lvl is good keep it around 2400 while u change old gear to new while gaining more int for your regen mechanics u might go lower on spirit depending on your healing buddy

    Just refore a tad out of mastery not to much go either for more haste or crit it depends on your own playstyle/role.

    Im 2 healing with a HPally as Disc if u wondering.

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    Won't go into which is best, although I'll say this: my main spec is shadow, and 2 weeks ago we were missing a healer, and was asked to heal. My ilvl as heal is about 376, so really not a beast by any shape or form. I'm holy, as I've always been, and went "against" a resto druid and a disc priest. That disc priest has an ilevel of 384, so technically a good chunk above me... well on each boss we did, I beaten him! I won't say he's bad or whatnot, I can't say I'm super pro has heals (I heal 2-3 times per weeks, in randoms), so I'm wondering if disc is really that good after all.

    (and yes, recount/skada showed me on top of him with healing+absorbs settings)

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    I do appreciate the feedback and apologize for my short replies, currently on the phone.. I'm mostly going to be healing with a resto druid or two, possibly a shammy as well. So what I'd like to try is going disc as a tank healer, I take I'm going to wanna get some crit for DA but how usefull is it really compared to a mastery haste build utilizing SoS and PW:s?
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    I reach the same numbers with disc as holy, holy sanc is good on the stack fights its a fire and forget spell specially if u have 4set t13.
    But both a druid and holy priest have the raid up in no time so the disc prolly overheals more ?

    Is it HM or Normals ? as Disc in 2 man healing perform better than 3 man imo and cept for zon'ozz and spine its easy to 2 heal.
    If HM Morchok disc is perfect to heal the Kogcrom group alone, disc and holy are close to each other overall if people stare at the numbers.

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    well, basically it's for our alt run but I might jump in to heal some
    heroics with main in case we need someone. Since my link isn't
    obvious enough I'll post my current unbuffed stats:

    9832 SP
    12.79% haste - 1217rating
    4715/3978 mp5 - 2692 spirit
    11.76% crit - 35 rating
    19.45 mastery - 2053 rating

    What my question is, whether or not I'd perform worse, or better, given equal skill.
    My current gear, with a few side/upgrades, suggestions welcome. Especially reforges
    for some sort of cap, etc. As a tank healer together with a rdruid/rshaman, or just rdruid,
    Depending on fight.

    If it's any help i only got 2-4 items w/o spirit and none with crit, and of course 4 set.
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