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    World of Warcraft 2

    Do you think there will ever be one?

    Curious what you think they could do better?

    Personally I'd like to see a number of things be able to happen. Being able to purchase/build/own a guild House/Place where your members could hang out duel, plan etc.

    Instead of having to use second hand communication programs (i.e. Skype, Vent) your voice would be your characters voice, I think that would be cool.

    Let me know what you think!!

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    i don't really see a reason to make a second part. neither lorewise nor because of marketing. everything has an end and so has the universo of warcraft.
    Advertising space 4 rent...

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    There won't be wow 2, wow will die after the 5th xpansion..

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    Expansions? Yes. New Wow? No. but i do think that a World of Starcraft would be awesome lul :P

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    No and also a side note i hate shared lockouts i almost never log in now unless there is a raid planned i used to pug 25 and run 10 that way i can kill more time.

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    A new wow? Ofc!

    Vanilla again, why not?

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    Since Blizzard said they were working on a new franchise I'd guess that it'd be the replacement for WoW 2. The only scenario I can see WoW 2 being out is if their new franchise flops and people demand WoW 2 instead. Doubt it'll happen tho. When was the last time Blizzard flopped (no Ghost didn't flop, it never finished )...

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    or they could make an expansion with all these features?
    <Here's where you need to insert a witty, awesome comment, and/or a quote from someone who said another witty, awesome comment and you find it funny. Or you can but a little banner with your WoW characters stats and a catching picture (which can be of your character)>

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    Quote Originally Posted by highnaga View Post
    A new wow? Ofc!

    Vanilla again, why not?
    Vanilla with way better graphics, would be awesome! No, wait...

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    There is no reason for them to do a "WoW 2" as they incrementally upgrade the games engine. They'll keep a decent pace on graphics, and if they run into an obstacle, they implement new tech into the engine, like phasing. As far as major overhaul to old content..well we just got that.

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    why should they make something an expansion wont be able do to?

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    Technically there might be a WoW2 but that's a bit cheesy to just say "WoW2" If you look on the front page Blizzard has project called TITAN*hint hint* I would like if World of Warcraft could be remade though, compared to new MMO's that have been emerging, WoW seems to fall behind in graphics regardless of what Blizzard is doing to the game. Also if you watched the Azeroth Daily by Total Halibut(this was a few episodes back), someone e-mailed him about how World of Warcraft is still the same game and it has brought nothing new to the table other than content and lore. Blizzard is doing good with World of Warcraft and what it's meant to be but that can be bad and good. Good because they have the best play style of this type of MMO and bad because it has been like this for six years!

    I like World of Warcraft just like any other player with a brain to understand where i'm coming from but I would like to see WoW revamped to the next level. I get bored of it quite often and it leaves me with nothing to do, by then I usually just goto Minecraft or Team Fortress 2.

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    Why should there be WoW 2?

    No story .... It's like "We want warcraft 4 ..... cause it makes no damn sense"

    Stolen ... from elyssia .... mad elyssia?

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    Yea, not enough story left to make another WoW IMO.

    Looking forward to a new fantasy type MMO by blizz though.

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    If a World of Warcraft 2 was ever going to happen it would have to be far in the future. Even when wow ends I wouldn't doubt them revisiting the franchise in the future. I mean hey, it only took them 12 years to put out another Starcraft game.

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    We're on WoW 4 already. Get with the times.

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    i honestly think that after titan comes out they are gonna want to refresh the wow franchise. this could either be a wow2 or something else entirely

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlatedPriest View Post
    i honestly think that after titan comes out they are gonna want to refresh the wow franchise. this could either be a wow2 or something else entirely
    Warcraft 4 RTS for the people that didn't want to play the MMO for the Deathwing story.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sengura
    So 10 posts and no definitive answer...

    Quote Originally Posted by PBitt View Post
    People really will find anything to complain about. Too bad I don't care because I quit the game because they made the hunter class color lime green and I think it would be SO much better had it been a grass-colored green.

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    why would they create a whole new game with new dynamics, play system etc when they can just release an expansion to WOW. If something isnt broke, dont fix it.

    With 12+ million players playing WOW right now its definitely Blizzards cash cow. Until the player drops down to a few million there is no reason to release something new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wirago View Post
    i don't really see a reason to make a second part. neither lorewise nor because of marketing. everything has an end and so has the universo of warcraft.
    I've been giving a deep thought about that idea and it would actually make sense if, lets say: the 5th expac is Sargeras destroying the world (or warcraft). WoW2 could be like a flashback to the early azeroth -before the sundering- OR a post apocalyptic, if Alex rez us all.

    However, it would be retarded to release a wow2 so soon, my bet would be they might release it after wow has died. Put it in 2020 (if we made it).

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