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    The only food you can eat for the rest of your life

    OH NOES!!!!!

    the world's food stockpile is all gone, (except a large warehouse that holds everysingle type of food ever made)

    and you only have enough time to grab one thing before it's destroyed by the EVUL ALIENSSSSSS *PEW PEW LAZURS*

    but, dont worry, you have constructed a machine that can duplicate your desired food in limitless amounts....FOR FOREVERS!!!!!

    that means youlll only be able to pick on food to eat for the rest of your life! *GASP* *girlish scream*

    what will it be?!

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    Trader Joe's Lentil Soup.

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    My mom's Beef and Noodles.

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    Coconuts. Extremely healthy so I could survive off only it for a very long period of time. It provides liquid if I'm thirsty. I believe I could ferment the stuff to keep my spirits up. I can use it to manufacture oil for tons of uses, such as cooking, lighting, and replacing motor oil(in warm climates). It also serves as an excellent projectile.

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    Sushi without a doubt.

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    Coconuts. Best food for survival you can ever get. There's only a few foods out there that are as good as coconuts and they're rather synthetic and while oyur body can adjust to that after a while you wouldn't need to go through the same thing as with coconuts.

    EDIT: Damn, Rocketsurgeon beat me to the punch (lol)
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    Green bean casserole, made with half cream of mushroom and half cream of chicken. The stuff is too addictive.

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    I'd go with ginger. Because I hate ginger. That way I'd eat it so much that I'd eventually kinda like it, then like it, then love it before I get to the part of being tired of it. If I pick something I love I'd just end up being tired of it way faster.

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    Some sort of seafood.

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    Don´t think I could eat anything for the rest of my life - I hate eating the same food too often and sometimes I can barely eat leftovers (I know, right?)

    If I had to choose it would probably be Christmas food, tho.

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    Lasagna, what's not to like ? i love me some lasagna !

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    pasta!. raviolli until the end of times :P

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    Tender oxfilets, potatoe crocettes, steamed veggies, sauce based on whisky and ruccola salade on the side.
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    KFC Zinger Tower Burger Meal, with extra salt on the chips, Mountain Dew as the drink, and upsize that bitch!

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    buffalo chicken pizza....luckily i had 1 nexium pill in my pocket that i will be able to duplicate as well to relieve my heartburn.

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    tortellini with sauce...or supreme pizza

    either way you get almost all 5 food groups, there are 5 right?

    and rootbeer...lots and lots of fuckin rootbeer

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    Bloomin' Onion, I've grown rather fond of that place...

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