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    Strawberry/Banana Smoothie..

    Endless amounts of food to drink! Bonus
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    Would love some banans too, but they don't really add up..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laptop View Post
    Bloomin' Onion, I've grown rather fond of that place...
    either this, or the spicy chicken sandwich from wendy's

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    Garlic baguette with chopped tomatoes and onions and cheese.

    Well, either that or a really high-quality Margherita pizza.

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    A machine made out of completely edible materials that is designed to make any kind of food imaginable. That way I can use the machine to make anything I want to eat, yet the device is still considered food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vazar_da_priest View Post
    OH NOES!!!!!

    the world's food stockpile is all gone, (except a large warehouse that holds everysingle type of food ever made)

    and you only have enough time to grab one thing before it's destroyed by the EVUL ALIENSSSSSS *PEW PEW LAZURS*

    but, dont worry, you have constructed a machine that can duplicate your desired food in limitless amounts....FOR FOREVERS!!!!!

    that means youlll only be able to pick on food to eat for the rest of your life! *GASP* *girlish scream*

    what will it be?!
    Microwave pizza
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    The taste of heaven, Yes I'm from Boro!

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    Salmon. I love it.
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    dog food. seriously. it has all the nutritions you need

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    I'd grab noodles

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    Chicken salad with paprika-curry dressing. Om nom nom.

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    Oodles of noodles

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    A big fat steak.

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    Heinze tomateo soup.

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    Good ole British Fillet Steak, I'd live off it now if I could afford to (I don't care that my sweat would start to smell of dog food)

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    Fettucine with salmon and cheese

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    Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream!
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    Mmmm. Homefried goddamn fish <3

    Like... newly caught. There's nothing better.
    And yes, basicly any fish.
    Quote Originally Posted by Urti View Post
    Seriously this. I'm a high-speed, low-drag, supah-healah. Doling out the feel-goods LIKE A BAWS, keeping everyone shiny, happy and cool. Staying on top of my game, even in a combat situati....THERE'S THAT DAMN GROUNDHOG AGAIN!!!

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