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    Quote Originally Posted by ThrashMetalFtw View Post
    Which is just another subgenre of Folk Metal.

    The point was that he was reffering to Dio as Medieval Metal, which is just stupid
    The point was that I was referring to METALOCALYPSE.

    "The Reggae Shaman"

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwescott3425 View Post
    He didn't make up the genre dude, it's up there on the map.. It is the kind of metal where they play the "grandpas guitars."

    Haha yes.

    Also, very nice find, just so happened to be blasting some Severe Torture when I came across this thread. But who am I kidding, I usually have my Death/tech death/brutal death/grindcore playlist on if I'm playing anything at all. *headbangs furiously*

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