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    Have a Nook?

    Hey guys,

    Just got a Nook (not a color, just the normal base model) and I wanted to see what you guys think about them! Let me in on any tips, tricks, and useful tidbits you might have about the Nook! Maybe suggest a good book if you are feeling really helpful .
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    I love my nook. My mom also has one! We share books between it I noticed it's easier to turn the pages by the arrow buttons instead of the touch screen. It's slow to turn on, but way better then the Kindle as far as simplicity goes! If you know someone who has a nook, they can loan you books.

    You can also torrent them if you're feeling dangerous, and get a program called Caligraph (I'll need to ask my mom, she does that stuff) to read the file types. As the nook can only read it's own.

    And... I recommend Wheel of Time, enough said. Just made it through Eye of the World, and I now look forward to the other 10-11 books after it!

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    I have one, its been great for me. Gives me something to do during my lunch break at work. I'm working on the Forgotten Realms series through it. Haven't done a whole lot with the nook, but I really like it.

    I think there is a thread here somewhere that people were suggesting books to read, thats where I started at. Best thing about the nook is the fact that you can get the demos without paying for them anyways. Definitely helps if you're unsure of a book.

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