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    Quote Originally Posted by Takkobella View Post
    Does this prove that there are more older/more mature players horde side OR are there better pvp racials attracting these players to horde?
    It proves neither.

    Win % in a BG doesn't mean that the players are more mature or older, it just proves that those players are playing to win. Racials also wouldn't have that much of a swing on win % either way.

    Alliance has always had a lot more "casual" and "just for fun" types though, likely because those players who may just be breaking into the genre generally feel more comfortable with the general fantasy races of humans and elves. Alternatively, Horde has always (imo) felt more "srs bisnes guyz".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ash773 View Post
    Brb... Faction changing to horde
    You're a few years late.

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    This histogram will cause serious QQ. Im 100% sure people will not understand that it doesnt say alliance never wins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by venus View Post
    Those graphs are horrrrrible

    Should of used pie charts.
    the pie is a lie

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    Why no Sandy Bridge?

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    Those graphs are horrible. So misleading

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    Request: can you make the same graphs with the vertical (Y) axis going from 0 to 100 since we're talking about percentages? The graph as it is shows great differences where they are actually quite minor.

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    dare i say Lok'tar ogar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virandile View Post
    Why no Sandy Bridge?
    It was recalled - I'm sure he'll do it next month probably.
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    Bet there will be alot of Alliance to Horde faction changes today.

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    Yay for deceptive looking graphs? Even though the axis is labeled on a 40-58% scale that's still an absolutely terrible and misleading way to represent data.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Etna View Post
    That also counts lower level pvp.

    Horde's got more twinks. My heroes of the storm recruitment link. Looking for MOBA enthusiasts to play with. I also want a cool bike tbh.

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    When i transfered from Horde to Alliance i went from roughly a 20 min queue to a 10 sec queue (Battlegroup - Blackout). This proved to me that more horde were interested in PvP. But does the queue also motivate you more to win the BG. On Alliance I can constantly PvP with no down time which has led to a feeling of /care if i win as i feel i'm still raking in the honor just as fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simca View Post
    It was recalled - I'm sure he'll do it next month probably.
    Sorry, I see it now. It's 10 am here, I'm already at work but still sleeeepy.

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    Seems the screaming and crying for imbalance hasn't started just yet; but it'll come.

    Either way, the balance (despite not using the best way to show this) is quite even. When the largest difference is 58% to 42% that's quite nice balance wise.
    It seems to me horde are overal slightly ahead, mostly because as said the hardcore pvp'ers go with horde for stuff like arena. Not that the racials help in BGs, but because the best players chose horde racials for arena (although surprisingly in tournaments you see quite a lot of ally setups).

    AV is clearly in favor for alliance, probably for 2 reasons: 1) The advantage of being a good pvp'er is less noticable in a PvE'esque fight like this and 2) Alliance hold a clear map advantage here, both from locations, to terrain, placement of NPCs and the fact you can defend towers much easier than bunkers.

    Either way i wouldnt get too mental over these numbers. When the total balance is 54% to 46%; that's REALLY good for an MMO.

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    This is all only because of the secret mechanic, added by Blizzard into the game, wich helps the hordes win. The fact that on AV the Alliance actually wins more is explained by the said secret mechanic failing there, wich results in a pure game, with obviously better skilled allies taking their wins.

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    Are the graphs for EU, US or both ?
    EU Horde does not need even longer pvp queues
    Roll alliance instead!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mludd View Post
    Chuck: There's also the possibility that:
    1) Battlegrounds in general are unbalanced due to the BGs themselves being designed in a way that favors the horde ever so slightly.
    2) Horde players have better racials for PvP
    3) There are more hardcore PvPers on the horde side which means they have longer bg queues and only those most dedicated bother playing BGs (so you end up with hardcore horde vs. hardcore + casual alliance BGs).

    Also, I can see why horde keeps losing AV, In my experience horde BG players are actually less organized than alliance (for pure PUG BGs, not talking guild groups) but tend to be a bit more hardcore (better geared, actually have their keybinds setup specifically for PvP and such). Now, in AV it's all about cooperation and zerging the boss, something which the alliance players do quite well while the horde players tend to fan out and go for the regular "duel in the middle" tactic...
    This guy doesn't play PvP for the horde obviously....and i think gnome/night elf/human racials > all horde racials for pvp -_-

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    AV map..... favors alliance..... etc

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    For the horde? I remember while leveling my shammy I have won every single AB on my server.

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