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    as mentioned before tidy plates is a really nice addition to your ui. not only will it show your debuffs etc, but you can set it up to show cc as well. also to squeeze even more time out of your dot, dot tab rotation, change targets as you're casting vt. this way as soon as vt is finished casting you can toss up a sw on your new target and keep on trucking.

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    Something that gets me is how can you multi-dot with tab so easily and not dot up mobs which have been CC'ed? Thats my biggest fear if I try to multi-dot. Thats what happens to me is I break CC trying to maximize my dps doing that.
    I'm pretty sure you can set Power Auras to show a big 'don't dps this target' icon if it's CC'd. It's probably something you'd have to set up manually but I'm sure it's possible. You'd still need quick reactions but this might be better than scanning a target's debuffs for all the various methods of CCs.

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