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    People using these words often are one themselves.

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    plox, vanilla, "troll"(trade chat term), UMADBRAH, baddie (only because the ones using the term are usually the baddies, same applies to fail or noob), people who answer "y" instead of "yes" because I used to think they were asking "Why".
    Oh yeah. .. "Cool Story". UGH
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    u jelly brah?

    Gah, I hate that. Someone I know personally says that IRL and I wanna punch him in the face every time he says it.

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    As it were, I embrace every form of 1337, short-hand, derp, herp, meme... etc. WoW-related or otherwise (because a good chunk of the grievances in this thread are over things that existed before/didn't originate from WoW.)

    The ones that really get me?

    TB!!=Tuberculosis! ew!!

    and referring to someone in a pug by the name of their class, that's rude yo! (i.e. hay mage u fail...)
    I like to put a little personal touch to it myself (i.e. YO! saucy magebaby! bequeath unto me some righteous cakes! POST HASTE!)

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    Fun thread.
    I guess a lot of these have been posted 5 million times already, but oh well.

    I HATE "toon". Whenever I see someone use it I can't help rolling my eyes. Where does that even come from?
    "Bio", I find it more disgusting for some reason when someone says "brb bio" than as if they just told me "brb taking a piss" or "brb toilet".
    "The bads" or "a bad", it just sounds idiotic.
    "Retardin" - "Retadin" is already bad but that takes it one step further. Also because I play - among others - a Ret/Prot Pally and I don't like being called a retard, basically.
    People calling an "alt" a "twink", guess that's only common on German servers where no one knows what the crap an alt is and everyone calls their characters who are not their main their "twinks", annoys me a lot but I have to overlook it.
    "Dudu" or "drood" for Druid, although I've been guilty of using it as well. :/
    "Styles" instead of "skills" - haven't heard that in a long time but gahhh that made me want to rage every time. Again, I have no idea where that even comes from.
    "+" for when you are ready/agree with something whatever. Seriously? Are you that lazy?

    I'm sure there was more, but I can't remember right now and I believe that's enough. :P

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    TB when people are talking about Tol Barad.
    TB = Thunderbluff.
    It's been Thunderbluff for the last 6 years. Adding a new zone with the same initials isn't going to change that.
    Because of this, whenever somebody asked "Who has TB?" in trade I always reply "The Tauren" and will continue to do so for the entire expansion if Blizzard doesn't change the name of the zone.

    Also CoC. It's as bad as the "Really Big Worm" quest in dragonblight and deserves to be mocked at every opportunity.

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    god i hate that word especially when they spell it m8 too instead of mate
    but its both bad!

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    L2P or "FFS" are the ones that get on my nerves. Although not original "wow terms" but still. And these "gogo-whores" you meet in dungeons. And yes im a tank.
    I also dislike when people spell PLZ instead of please.
    "noob" is also quite annoying. feels like people don't even know what "noob" stands for.
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    Calling Dead Mines 'VC' annoys the piss out of me. That's about it really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twistdbarbie View Post
    "Bio" annoys me, just say "AFK 2 mins" or something, I really dont need to know your going to pee (or worse lol)
    I thought bio was for any biological need, so like grabbing a snack or a drink too or whatever lol

    but yeah i agree with imba just seems stupid and i hate how quickly the anoying ones tend to get adopted lols

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rellekk View Post
    Just because dire maul is gone doesnt mean that stops being the abbrev for it.

    Deadmines has been VC since vanilla (yes vanilla not 'classic' *Vanilla = unchanged/plain/original*) and new wrath baby players are not going to change that.

    So that is also what I am adding to the list. When people new to the game come in and try to change terminology for things set in place long before them.
    OH MY GOD newer kids calling deadmines DM drives me insane. I've admittedly exploded way too many times at a newer player not calling deadmines VC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by link064 View Post
    u jelly brah?

    Gah, I hate that. Someone I know personally says that IRL and I wanna punch him in the face every time he says it.
    u jelly brah?

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    'Toon'. Ive hated the term since I started in BC.
    Its a character. Or more recently, an Avatar.

    Hate 'toon' with a passion.

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    IMO. Of course its your god damn opinion, you said it.

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    I hate pretty much anything that would acceptable for phone users but NOT for people sitting at a full damn keyboard

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    A friend wouldn't ask and a gentleman wouldn't tell.
    "LF rouge"

    so you need some red?

    I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf mutes. Or should I?

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    Seeing those letters infuriates me to no end. YES I AM NOW! I am not your brother, don't try to be cool with me. Every expletive comes to mind seeing see those words mashed together.

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    'nadda' ... wtf is a nadda

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    toon is unfairly annoying to read

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drummerboy View Post
    Seeing those letters infuriates me to no end. YES I AM NOW! I am not your brother, don't try to be cool with me. Every expletive comes to mind seeing see those words mashed together.
    the thing about this is that the kids of wow got a hold of 4chan wayyyy after everyone else did so tired memes become way more tired when the rest of the internet picks them up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeleh View Post
    Oh an also one that has bugged me ever since i started playing wow - DING it makes no logical sense, the sound sis not ding, the animation is not ding, you did not ding in anyway shape or form apart from your mind.
    What do you call the sound the microwave does when it's done cooking? A ding. Granted, the sound you get when gaining a level is more like Brrrrrwwwwhing, but we call that a ding too.
    Of course I guess you could say: "Hey, chaps! I just gained an experience level"
    Whereas someone in your group would go "Congratulations!" To which you would reply: "I am laughing out loud", and you would have merry-good times, but the time gap between pulling packs in dungeons would increase radically.
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    wat are the 2 gob mounts.. i only know the trike

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    Using single letters for words like U and R. It makes you look like an uneducated child to do so. At least kids that are texting on phones have an excuse to abbreviate to such extremes but anyone with a real keyboard has no excuse.

    I also hate people calling their characters "toon". I think that is ridiculous.

    Most of these things listed here don't bother me though, I guess after 12 years of MMO history i'm just accustomed to all of it. As for the noob thing, i'm not sure if this is related to the origin of the internet insult, but the navy refers to new crew on a submarine as nubs.

    As for people who get all offended when people use the word "gay" or "retarded" as insults or describing activities or actions instead of people, I think that is a little ridiculous as well. Language and the meaning of words is constantly changing and gay didn't even mean homosexual for most of human history, yet it's meaning changed to that at some point, and now it refers to anything stupid or lame, and yet people are still hung up on the old meaning and cling to it. Language evolves, get used to it. Otherwise everyone would speak the same one and there wouldn't be thousands across the planet.

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