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    i knew you would say "13:37".. happens to me too and its the same time.. dont like it but i cant help it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevian8 View Post
    ... and it's 13:37! :-O Not even joking!

    Ok so once a day, every day, for ~2 months now, I look at the clock and it's 13:37. No, I don't see a minute or two before and wait, I just grab my cell phone, look at the time and it's 13:37, every single day. What's even more weird is that when I was younger (10 years ago or so) I had the same thing happening to me as well, although it wasn't 13:37. It was XX:59, I mean, almost every single time it was XX:59.

    I'm not sure when and why but I stopped seeing XX:59 that much and never had anything similar happening to me for 10 years... Until now :-O

    Does anyone else ever experience this, maybe with another time?
    I see 13:37 all the time as well

    It's only becuase you associate 13:37 with something, when you look at the clock and it's 14:53, that's nothing special, your mind doesn't acknowledge that

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    My "weird/magic" time is 3:33 AM. Every day. For whatever reason whenever I have an urge to glance over and check the clock at night it's always at 3:33 AM.

    It sometimes happens at 4:44 in the afternoon, but not often. 3:33 AM every day though.

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    DUDE WTF, same thing happens to me all the time... its ridicolous! I thought i was the only one, but clearly I aint... At first i tho'ught it was a coincidence but its been hapenning to me almost every day for the last month or two... It gave me goosebumps (SP?) when i read you OP.. wow.. unbelievable

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    This also happens to me! I look at the clock at 11:11 two times everyday.....kinda creepy.

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    My last three years of school, I managed to wake up every single day at 6:36. It stopped as soon as I graduated two years ago.

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    I always find myself looking at the time at 13:36 and then I feel the need to wait till it's 13:37

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    animals are creatures of habit and we are animals. my cat, rats and guinea pigs all do things at certain times, though they obviously don't measure it like us.
    can't fight millions of years of evolution.

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    completely agree,this happens to me

    i always check and its 13:37 or something
    or the time is dubs
    annoys me so much

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    alarm your clock 13.36 and goto somewhere without a clock...
    but if there ll be a miracle and u will see clock again...
    listen AC-DC - Hells Bells

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    first of all, please everyone in this thread, google the term "Confirmation Bias".

    Count the number of times you look at your watch/clock every day then take into account your subconscious timing between said views of a time piece. Also look up the phenomenon of being in a deep sleeping state with your eyes open but unable to process the visual stimulus consciously, you can still see a clock and somewhere in your brain interprets it's meaning but you don't realise that you are doing it.

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    Had this a long time with 17:01. Made me smile everytime

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    Seems like I always look at the clock at 5:18

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    If I get a good night's sleep I'll always wake up at the exact same time. 6:59 am.

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    I have the odd ability to look at the clock while driving exactly on the hour (3:00, 4:00, 5:00, etc)

    Tends to not come into play much since I don't drive a great deal, but when I do drive long distances it almost never fails.

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    i wouldnt say every time, but very often i look at the clock and its 12:51, whenver it does happen tho, i grab my ipod and listen to the strokes song 12:51.

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    Gratz, you're cursed. A relative of mine checks the clock every one or two hours, and it always shows a symmetrical hour/minute moment - like 11:11, 13:13 or 21:21.

    Seriously. It's fucking scary.
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    Happends to me aswell, I'm usually at school and i just glance at either my watch or my cellphon every once i a while.... And damn right I always look at 13:37.. Freaks me out

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    who the hell is awake at 13:37 >,>

    anyways it sounds wierd, might just be a habbit of sort

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    Interesting...happens to me at 00:00 sometimes

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