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    It happens to me too, but diffrent hour
    21:37 - Death of Pope Jan Paweł II

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    Holy shit. Thread full of soul-mates or something. I thought it was just few synapses borked in my head or something. It always XX:37 when i check my only clock in the house. Has been freaking me out for years already.

    I guess there is scientific explanation to that. Something to do with the inner clock in all of us. But still damn!

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    17:17 here. Noticed this happening many times.
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    18:51. Seen it too many times for it to not be strange now.

    Same with 15:47

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    When a sleep, your body actually focuses on a specific time to wake up on. I tend to always wake up at 07:35 before heading of to school. And no, I'm not using an alarm bell.

    Sometimes, like twice a week or so, I also look at the time when it's 13:37. Guess im leet ;D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avar ize View Post
    who the hell is awake at 13:37 >,>

    anyways it sounds wierd, might just be a habbit of sort
    ?? Everyone perhaps :/?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tenzing21 View Post
    The body has an internal clock, it lets you know when you should feel drowsy/when to wake up even if you are in a cave.

    However... what you are describing is PEERING at the clock at 1:37. You look at it all the time, you just don't make a conscious note to yourself as to the time on the clock. The first few times you were in front of your clock, and peered at it cause its' alignment was intriguing to your subconscious, you trained yourself to always PEER at the clock then, even tho you had been glancing or taking note of the time some other way.
    +1 I'm gonna go with what this guy said, as I ALSO have the habbit of looking at the clock at 13:37.

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    6.47 and 13.36 (DARN!)

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    This thread is scaring me. I thought i was the only one who did this.

    I know internal clocks are common, especially when waking up. But just glancing at the time for no apparent reason at the exact same time every day or almost everyday is a little more then an internal clock system.

    I see 12:23 twice, every. single. day. Unknowingly, not thinking it's going to be that time, or trying in anyway, but just glancing at something with the time whether it's my phone, the cable box clock, or wow.... anything.. I usually have to stare until it turns 12:24 to feel better.
    Ive been doing it for years probably since 2001 and before
    the number 12 and 23 together happen to me a lot. I see it not only with time but in other patterns, tests, signs... anything.
    My birthday is December 23rd and this year I turn 23.

    Boyfriend thinks I'm being ridiculous. My friends all know I do this because I will say it outloud and I have to explain it. sometimes they'll send me texts when it hits 12:23, but I almost always see the time before they do.

    I'm convinced it means something, I just don't know what. Maybe its just a weird effing habit.
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    So upon reading this, I checked the clock and it was... 5:37pm PST o_O

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    I tend to see 6:16. Nearly every day.
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