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    The world skiing championship

    So it is again time to watch the skiing events on ze telly, exited? i sure am

    Post where you are from and who you'll be watching

    My personal favorite (since im norwegian) will be Marit Bjørgen and Petter Nortug.

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    I am certainly gonna watch it, since I'm norwegian aswell. Will be fun to see how many golds Marit can get, she has been so much better than anyone else this season it won't be surprising if she won 3-4.

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    M.Hellner raped Northug yesterday but it's still lots of competitions left. I don't care that much about skiing, it's a small sport i Sweden and I'll only watch it if I happen to see some competition while switching channels ;-P

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    Well, if Hellner raped Northug on thursday you can clearly say that he raped him back today

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    I dont like skiing at all but there was an Italian chick who was second with that big jump who was very hotDont remember her name but she looked very good

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    And Björgen takes the third gold...interesting!

    But congrats to Kowalczyk and Saarinen too.

    Btw. Cross country skiing is very big in Finland.

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