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    When you say "woot" when you find a bra you thought you'd lost.
    Holy hell, how can one loose her bra? And even if so, how couldnt she notice it? Chances i loose my slip are 0 .

    - when you are in the disco, and think to yourself: "one AE and all these boons will be DOWN!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buutch View Post
    a friend of mine actually did that. Or something like it. He was going to a 18+ club, and he was like. That place is level 18 right? derp
    Hope he had a few gold pieces for the night elf dancers....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teemoo View Post
    I actually had the murloc ringtone for sms for a while everyone looked at me with weird faces when it rang
    You know you play too much wow when you read this and think where can I download that :P

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    my submarine. it's long, hard and full of seamen.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkeye94 View Post
    When you refer to someones age as their level
    This has happened... damn.

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    When you shout Jaina's name during sex

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    You go to a funeral and loot the corpse

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    You play too much WoW when you hit someone and expect white numbers to appear.


    You also play too much WoW when you think Klingons are Maghari orcs.
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