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    PvP / PvE Disc Spec

    Hey, I am trying to change my priests into a PvP and PvE Disc priest.. So my question to those of you Disc Priests (PvE or PvP) is for you to link the specs you use and let me know why you do certain things to help me make my decision on how to spec. Thanks!

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    PvP spec


    Didn't take atonement in this build, mind spike is better pressure. Opted for Inspiration over reflective shields as the damage reflected isn't worth half as much as 10% reduced dmg, also dispelled shield= no reflecting.

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    I agree with this spec, however, you're gonna want to take Desperate Prayer which is awesome now. I'd consider taking a point out of Inner Sanctum to pick it up. Also, I wouldn't use Glyph of PW: B. The barrier has a long cd and if you're locked down while its up, the healing buff is lost. I'd probably take up Glyph of Shadow Word: Death or Renew instead. I acutally use Renew alot in PvP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suspendedstasis View Post
    10% reduced dmg, also dispelled shield= no reflecting.
    Keep in mind that nobody dispels your shield 0,1sec after you cast it so there's always some dmg returned from it. Not much but against a team with no dispels this equals to quite alot of dmg over time.
    Also 10% reduced dmg is only physical and people these times deal alot of dmg that's not physical (dks spells, bleeds(?), poison)

    And lastly, no DP? 3stacks of grace, pvp health trinket and mine heals for like 55k. Instant and free. Imo it's totally worth it.

    I run this build http://www.wowhead.com/talent#bfhcMosrforocdb:mqkorqMVz
    edit: oh and btw. Surge of light is awesome. It procced when I was oom (and casted it with inner focus) and then proccing once again giving me a total of 3 free heals that actually saved the game
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