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    [Shadow/Disc] Your anti-Spellreflect/DarkSimulacrum spell?

    What spell do you guys use to drop Spell Reflect and Dark Simulacrum? I've tried Mind Soothe on both and it doesn't work :-( It does get reflected by Spell Reflect tho, but doesn't consume it and Dark Simulacrum doesn't drop at all, nor does the DK get Mind Soothe. Levitate is a fine spell to use when DS'ed, but it doesn't work for SR, obviously.

    Mind Sear works on both but you have to stand still (or at least stutter step a bit) to cast it, so that's not a good option. Idk really. What do you guys use?

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    Renew, pretty weak spell untalented/unglyphed and you can dispell it as soon as it's on the DK if you need to.

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    SW: pain and then dispel it off yourself?
    Or a mind flay tick. Mind sear is pretty good, the stutter step isn't usually too much of a detriment.

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    Renew doesn't help against SR and why would you want to give the DK a free HoT, just to waste your mana on Dispel? That's not a good idea, imo. SWP, good if you want to dot yourself and prevent a disorient, in other cases kinda meh. Dispel costs mana and the damage is noticeable.

    Mind Flay isn't a valid option if you have the time to cast Mind Sear. So yeah, I guess we don't have a lot to choose from :-\

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    I mean I play a DK and when I get a renew from DS I sigh because you can pretty much negate it's healing with a wand. I'd rather give him a weak HoT than eat my shield quicker or waste mana dispelling it off myself, I can keep my DPS up better than renew can keep him up.

    But for SR? Hell, I only play Disc. Shame Pennance wouldn't reflect to give you heals eh?

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    Levitate on DS
    SW: D is ok on reflect (at least as a healer) because it does like 0 damage on targets over 25% anyway.

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