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    [H]Unholy Trinity 7/13H 25m! Need Multiple Classes

    <Unholy Trinity> of Burning Blade [PVP] is currently recruiting more dedicated people to join our ranks in Cataclysm and beyond. We're a progression guild striving to be the best in all our endeavors. Unholy Trinity has a solid group of core raiders and we're looking to add to our numbers with mature, skilled people who would like to help us progress further into the future of raiding.

    Recent Achievements

    -World 43rd Tribute to Insanity (Realm First)
    -World 85th Alone in the Darkness (Realm First)

    Current Progression

    A little bit about ourselves

    Our guild was founded July 7, 2006. In BC we strove to be top on our server, becoming the top horde guild on our server by the end of BC. Through WotLK we continued to pursue our goals and were the number one horde guild on the server until H-LK. After losing our top spot we are working hard to regain server supremacy in Cataclysm.

    Some basic requirements

    Only Skilled and Knowledgeable applicants will be considered for a raiding slot.

    Be prepared to wipe on hard encounters with max consumables.
    Know your class inside and out.
    Be able to make a minimum of 90% of raids as an initiate.
    Enjoy raiding, and expect to do a lot of it.
    Drama will not be tolerated.
    Stable connection required

    Be a friendly and mature person, be able to take jokes and criticism, and have a good attitude.


    1 Holy/Disc Priest
    1 Resto Shaman or Resto Druid
    1 Hunter
    1 Mage
    1 Warlock
    1 DPS DK
    1 Tank (DK/Pally Pref)

    We do no recruit for the bench and these are for core spots. If accepted expect to do a lot of raiding. All exceptional applications welcome.

    Raiding Information

    Guild Website: www.ut-guild.com
    Raid Schedule: Monday-Thurs 7:30pm-12am est.
    Loot is based off of a loot council voting system.

    Contact Information

    Guild Master: Triangles
    Officers: Sikfrenzy

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    High priority on holy/disc priest and a dps dk. Make it happen!

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    8/13 now. Still need a solid priest.

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