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    [Priest] How to ask for help - The safe and sure way!

    Hello posters!

    Too often I see posts made asking for help and they contain very little information and lead to unhelpful posts, flaming and eventual thread locking. So, I will post here some of the information we would love to see and allow us to help you.
    • What's the problem? Try to explain as fully and clearly on what is the issue and how/where you were experiencing it. Telling us the buffs you had while doing low DPS or the healers/boss you were on when you were doing half of the other healer's healing, etc.
    • Armo(u)ry. Give us a link! Can't link it? Break up the URL so we can enter it manually. Example; "eu [dot] battle [dot] net/wow/en/character /darkspear/ult%C3%ADma/advanced" or any other variation (or just your character name, realm and region.
    • Logs. This is where we can get almost all the info we need. This helps a lot. If you can't, even some well taken Screenshots of Recount might help.

    • Sticky threads. Do you read them? They contain lots of helpful information, links and other threads. Chances are that someone has experienced your trouble before and posted about it there, or..
    • Search.

    Searching is helpful and fun, watch!

    "Could this topic be relevant to my interests?"

    How to post:

    How not to post:

    And lastly, even though you should never be afraid to ask a question here, if you're feeling shy and want to remain anonymous from the public, feel free to PM a Priest moderator and we'll do our best to help you out.

    Current list of Priest Moderators

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