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    People who dress up and go out looking all clean and well groomed heh gives me the willies. Oh and i mean people who dress and groom lika politician screams evil to me for some reason. Especially when they're in their 20s.

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    I gotta say that everything on this list so far has been something that doesn't bother a lot of completely normal people, except maybe shit on the toilet seat.

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    Tapping pencils / feet / finger-drumming.
    Breathing too loudly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daginni View Post
    For example here's mine. People who CANNOT get off their damn Cell Phone, especially when they will be ordering something, like food. They will ether Order food while Texting, or just simply stand there and finish their text message before making the order.
    Could not agree more with this one!

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    mouth breathers
    people that text and drive
    stupid people that says something very stupid and you know they will try to argue for it if u correct their stupidity
    stupid people in general...
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    There's a dude at work who smokes like 10 packs a day so he's always got crap in his throat that he's hocking up, but he never spits it out. He hocks it up, then swallows it and a few seconds later he hocks it up again. This will go on for hours and it's just annoying as hell. I'm not the type that gets grossed out easily, even though this is rather disgusting. But sitting at work for hours listening to "HACK HACK HAAAAAACK COUGH HAAAAAAACK COUGH" over and over just drives me insane.

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    When my friends lay in my bed. I ask them to stay out but I know the second they get upstairs they're just going to hop right in and roll around. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't act like they owned it and didn't leave me a place to lay, or if they didn't end up ripping every piece of cloth off my mattress, then just leave it in shambles. I know it doesn't take long to put it together, but I'm usually too lazy to do it until I'm about to go to bed, and it sucks when you realize you have to work for the warm comfort on one's bed.

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    Anyone on vent that talks with their mouth full, or slurps loudly from a cup while keying in.
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    state things or make opinions on situations that they have no idea about but are instead just an echo of what some asshole says on the "news"
    which is sadly a lot of people.

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    People smoking in front of you while walking. I'm disgusted everytime I have to breathe in their cancerous smoke.

    Old people who think they can handle themselves while shopping for example. Some of them doesn't even seem to be able to take care of themselves and then they go shopping, taking 10 minutes to just find their purse and another 5 to get the money out of it. -.- Get some help ffs, you deserve it and you need it.

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    People who swear constantly. Swearing doesn't really offend me, and in some cases it can be hilarious, but people that swear 4 times every time they talk is just annoying.

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    Driving too slow
    Texting of talking on the phone while driving
    Rubber-necking at a traffic accident
    People driving in my way
    People who have road rage :O
    Opulence. I has it.

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    - Old people who have to walk in a line of at least three abreast, thus taking up the entire isle when I'm trying to get past with a really heavy box.
    - People that use gay/fag/other degrading words for homosexuality as an insult.
    - Loud people/people who have to yell to be understood. Especially in dressing rooms with a friend either outside or in the one next to it.
    - When someone goes out of their way to be a smartass... All the time...

    Final one:
    - People in charge of pay. When it says in the rules that, if the right papers haven't been delivered, you won't get your pay... Don't hand it out anyway with a 50% tax!! -_-
    Me sorry. Not do bad again, honest. :<

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    People who chew with their mouths open. People who act like they're right when they're obviously wrong. People who type in caps because they think it makes them more likely to win the argument and cover the fact that they're terrible. People who can't play yet criticize other players. and the last one... my sig says it all.

    Oh and this
    Quote Originally Posted by psdew1813 View Post
    state things or make opinions on situations that they have no idea about but are instead just an echo of what some asshole says on the "news"
    which is sadly a lot of people.
    Aiguille <3

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    People who smack or chew loudly.

    My mom chews chips so loudly that I'm going crazy just thinking about it.

    My roommate buys sourpatch kids all the time, and smacks the living crap out of them. I'm about to rage just thinking about it
    Whaleshark /spits on your science.

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    When someone has a runny nose and they snort it up very loudly constantly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badpaladin View Post
    Hipsters, all shapes and sizes.
    With an avatar like that, you shouldn't be complaining about hipsters.

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    Listening to stupid/ignorant people talk about issues with equally stupid/ignorant people.

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    Talking or sending a text during a movie. Pretty much anything that happens in a movie theatre that is not directly related to actually viewing the movie. You can turn to your buddy and talk about the movie preview and how awesome that movie is going to be, I do this plenty with my friends. But once the lights dim and the real show starts, cut the distractions. Barring, of course, the need to use a restroom and the like. However, you paid $10 to see a movie, just like me, so stay off of your phone. It's simple, turn off the phone when you come in, and turn it on when you exit. It's not like your friends will die if you don't reply with your "lol's" and your "smilies", it saves me the trouble of looking like a jerk (which happens about once a month).

    Also, using the word text as a verb. It's just nonsensical to me. Imagining the past tense of this attempted verb bewilders and perplexes me.
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