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    Shadow Power nerf

    Is this nerf "Shadow Power now increases Spell damage by 15%, down from 25%" on live servers and just tooltips will fix after patch 4.1. ?
    Because I red about it in "Patch 4.0.6 Hotfixes and 4.0.6a Changes - Feb. 11 " and I thought that just tooltips is wrong and now I am confuse.

    thx for help

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    Yes, that change is already live.

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    Is just a tooltip correction on the PTR.

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    No tooltips are updated untill a patch comes. it's not changing from what it's on live servers as of 24th feb.

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    I didn't realize. I was a bit flabbergasted to read a 10% damage nerf. but if it's already live, meh, I still rock the damage meters.

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