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    4pc bonus of mooncloth too incredible to just be bonus

    If anyone hasn't changed to all mooncloth, you need to do it now. It is absolutely ground breaking esp as a Spriest. As a Shadow Priest. I have PW:Shield on 15 sec cd which suppresses all movement impairing effects and Fade on 15 sec cd which removes all moving effects. Fun Stuff!!!

    I just think that the 4 sec immunity added to PW:Shield is just too class defining and should be made to all priests and not just ones with 4pc bonus. It totally changes the things and the way you play a class more then any other 4pc bonus.

    My suggestion is to innately put the 4 sec immunity onto PW:Shield itself or perhaps add it to fade as a basic ability. Then all priests can see the greatness of what is Holy Walk.

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    Apart from casual pvp use, i.e. unrated bgs against mostly non-resilient targets spread out over a large area, how often are you going to be spamming PWS? Even if you're playing strongly defensively in bgs, you'll only have it up for the opener. Spamming PWS will make you OOM ridiculously fast in serious pvp, especially arena, even if you were not trying to use it for its fairly poor absorb in that spec.

    Also, the immunity is only 4s. I can see it being tweaked down to 2-3s, but honestly even as is, I don't see how it can be game-changing.

    If there is anything game changing it was already in the presence of Veiled Shadows + Glyph of Fade (or the base cooldown of Fade as 30s). But now that disarms are trinketable and still has little effect on ferals, as well as all CC lasting only 8s, I'd rather not be stuck in the face of melee for even 15s at a time - that's a LONG time.
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    Is it really worth the loss of Resilience? I'd be sitting at 3.2k Resi or something if I got it.

    Anyway, at the base-line bit, as a Shadow Priest you can get some cool anti-Snare stuff already with talents and glyphs.
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    didn't change my life that much as a DPriest, and even less as a HPriest in PvP.

    - you can't go faster than 100% speed if you got a snare on you (so yeah b&s is pretty much wasted)
    - some "snares" aren't considered as snares but as root effects, thus still slow you like before... talk about stupid.
    - even in those cases we are snare-free, it's pointless as long as those training you aren't snared/cc-ed themselves, and since we still don't have any snare/root (mind flay can't be accounted there), we're pretty much screwed.

    edit :
    my point : not worth it at least until fixed

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    I don't see any high rated discos not using 4pc. I find it immensely useful for running around LoS and all sorts of escapes. It makes peeling much easier for your team mates and as such makes it much easier to survive while being trained. 400 resilience isn't worth that loss, imo. 4 seconds is a lot of distance to be gained on a snared target. It is quite the powerful escape tool as a healer, though I can't speak for shadow.

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    it's gonna take blizzard awhile to notice the almost all high ranked spriests are using 4 piece mooncloth because the 4 piece satin bonus is total garbage. The double 2 piece is being nerfed next season, which is stupid because there's no reason to wear shadow 4 piece.

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