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    Malum Factum (US-Korgath<A>) 12/12 10N LFM for 25 mans!

    Malum Factum (US-Korgath<A>), an all adult gaming community in our 10th year of existence is opening its doors once more to fill a few key roles in our raid. We are currently 12/12 in 10 man and are expanding to 25 man raiding as soon as possible. Our plan is to do a full clear or two on 25s, then begin hard mode content. What we seek are a few mature, devoted and talented individuals that are able to make all raid times, have the gear necessary to compete, and overall, just want to see and conquer all the content, hard modes included.
    We are currently looking for applications from the following classes and roles:

    DPS Position (2-4):
    Fire Mage
    Shadow Priest
    Elemental Shaman
    Destruction (main) / Affliction OR Demonology (secondary) Warlock
    Balance Druid

    We encourage and consider any exceptional applications outside of our current needs for our roster. Our philosophy involves having our best 25 players playing consistently, regardless of guild membership or veteran status. We expect all players have knowledge of their class, role, and environment to maximize performance. We take a ton of pride in our PVE content, so if you desire to win, then look no further than Malum Factum.

    Officers are standing by to interview applicants, so do not hesitate!

    We also strongly recommend prospective applicants to read over our charter when applying to ensure that we will be a fitting community.

    Our prime raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday and, Thursday at 8:00PM CST – 12:00AM CST, and we utilize the Suicide Kings loot system.
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    Bumping for solid troops!

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