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    Hehe, so that blue post about one of the GM's saying you never know if the mounts could come back was really just teasing about this. Awesome. ♥

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    Love to return to ZA^^

    and love for new mounts^^ finally a shot to the bear witohut screwing who had the old one.

    hope everyone is happy now.

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    Just when I decided to give up raiding..

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    Take a guess... no, NOT THERE! You and your dirty mind.
    Oh I'm gonna love this so much... Why Zul'aman though, it's still in game? I don't see the point in removing it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by General_Typhus View Post

    When will they recycle molten core? Oh wait that's going to be 4.1

    Good to see theyre starting to recycle BC content now too. Cant wait for Black temple 5 mans
    sunwell plateau 5man in 4.3 with more free epics
    A part of MMO-Champion died the day Curse took over. Next thing they want us to pay for a premium account to read MMO-Champion and Wowpedia. I definitely see that happen one day.

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    Looks interesting I must say

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    The epic troll instances return...Neat

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    Omg! Love Zul Gurub cant wait for it.

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    HYDRAS FOR EXOTIC PETS! Holy hell! They better be Exotic Ferocity and get a better ability than the feral crit...please, ye gods of blizzard, let it be the ravager debuff....
    <Insert something witty and humorous here>

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    they are buffing arms? What the hell?

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    Looking forward to it!

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    Knew they were going to do this back when they announced removing least Naxx and such have more friends

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Blood in the Water: 100 yd range
    That is probably a fix to make the talent proc if the target moved far away from the druid between the use of FB and the proc. That, or it is a simple tooltip fix.

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    Cue the QQ. Of course, it won't be just a remade ZA/ZG for 85 I expect. It'll be like Shadowfang Keep and Deadmines - old instance, new bosses. Which I welcome.

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    annnd back to ret pali being nerfed again.. sacred shield fair enough but 20 sec cd on WoG for Ret is stupid. It better be holy only.

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    More recycling...

    I guess that's it for me. I'm not renewing my subscription.

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    Wow..... just wow.
    More Frost DK buffs. I am glad ZG is comming back as a 5man HC but not so glad because of ZA. I solo that all the time. Nonetheless I will surely run them in HC version as soon as they come out.

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    No amani war bear though..

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    Wow. I figured they'd bring ZG back eventually since the questlines in STV end with several bosses being rezzed and no one doing anything about it, but Zul'Aman really surprised me.

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