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    Bio - Dark Cleric Millard

    Name: Dark Cleric Millard

    Age: 18 when he died (would be about 27 now)

    Race: Forsaken Human

    Gender: male

    Class: Shadow Priest

    Affiliation: The Forsaken Wake / Cult of the Forgotten Shadow

    Millard is tall as average and has many scars all over his body from his past fights. His hair would be brunet but he is bald. His eye color even if rarely seen is blue. He was quite handsome but the skin of his face was severely damaged that is why he wears a black veil and additional scraps of black gaze tied across his face to conceal it. He wears the robes of a Brother of Light, which had the church’s symbols ripped of and was dyed darker. A small brooch showing the Icon of Torment is now where the Symbol of the Church of Light was. He has a bad posture and due to the fact that he limps on his right leg lets him seem like an old man even if his body was 18 years when he died. He often is walking with the help of a cane.

    He usually is calm and collected and for a Forsaken he is unusually compassionate. He tends to judge people by their personal strength and willpower. He also helps his fellow undead to make their peace with their former lives and their undeath. He himself seems okay with his own death. This contrasts with his reluctance to talk about his former life, or showing his face. This comes from his Love of his second life as miller, and the doubt in his mind if he deserved it.

    Likes: Helping newly risen Forsaken by researching their past, strengthening the Forsaken’s position in the world.

    Dislikes: Paladins, church of the Holy Light (the big organization that is not the belief/virtues thereof), is suspicious about the Apothecaries of Undercity.

    Strenghts: strong in shadow magic, good medical skills, still quick witted.

    Weaknesses: frail body, one limp leg


    Millard does not know anything about the first of his three lives. His second began when he was found as a boy of 14 years, nearly drowned in a river in Silverpine. The miller rescued him, and when they searched him they found a black bandit mask and a dagger. The town folk would have hung him on the spot, if it wouldn’t had been for the Miller and a passing priest of the Light, that defended him. They vouched for him to get a second chance, since nobody knew if he really did wrong. So the Miller adopted the boy and taught him his work. Since the young boy didn’t have a name he remembered everybody started calling him Millard.

    During the years he lived in the countryside of Lordaeron, he helped not only the miller but also the veterinarian of the area. He also helped tend the sick and wounded out of his gratitude to the priest. He was offered a future in the Church for his compassion, but he had to deny since he had found his special someone in one of the farmer’s daughters.
    Millard loved his second life but as his first it would not last.

    The events of the third war cost him and his village their lives, but when they regained their own will when the Lich King’s strength withered, they were born again as forsaken. Disgusted by their state, Millard took those he knew and who regained their consciousness to the priest that always understood him, but when the man who granted him his second chance and survived all of this saw him, he ordered them executed. Millard was the only one able to escape them by killing one of the guards. He somehow was able to fight off a real guard and he also remembered fending the scourge of the farm bravely when he died, and hazy memories of the murders he commited as part of the scourge. This was when he realized that he probably had a sinister first life. Having witnessed the final death of his loved ones by the hand of a man that he trusted was compassionate and forgiving, he stumbled through the forsaken Lordaeron for what seemed like an eternity.

    But he was found eventually by the Forsaken and was given his third life in Sylvanas’ ranks. When he lived with them a bit Millard discovered the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow. He was very surprised to find the Forsaken believing in something. When he also was told that some of them still believe in compassion, he joined this wing of the cult in a heartbeat. He was told the arts of shadow magic within the order and he soon was allowed to assist in patching up and guiding the newly risen forsaken.

    It was during his chores in Deathknell that he encountered the priest again, accompanied by a paladin. Millard barely survived the encounter but he stood victorious. He lost most of the skin on his face and broke some of his bones, which left him frail. He took up the priest’s robe, to remember him to show compassion where the humans would not. He removed all Symbols of the church since the blind dogma they represented was despicable for him now. He died the robe a dark gray and added a small brooch resembling the Icon of Torment. He was not involved in the Burning Crusade, but he helped in the Conquest of Northrend.
    During the siege of Undercity he returned to Lordaeron to stay with the refugees and comforted them. When Putress and Varimathras were ultimately taken down, Millard offered his services to the Horde forces observing the Apothecaries. He conducted a witch hunt eradicating most of the remaining allies of Putress and Varimathras, radicalizing a more liberal wing of the Forgotten Shadow in the process. When his followers started strengthening the Forsaken's grip of Lordaeron through their efforts in the Gilnean War, Lady Sorrowblade took notice of the radical Cult wing and invited them to join the Forsaken Wake. Millard and his priest gladly accepted and are now defending Lordaeron as part of the Wake.
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