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    Ragnaros lookalike!

    Looks like Ragnaros owes Roger a pair of new baby legs aswell! What has been seen, cannot be unseen!

    Sry about the bad pic quality, i made it in paint in under 1 min ^^
    Quote Originally Posted by addictedtotoads
    also i vote that warriors have a 10% chance to trip while charging and roll until you hit a wall or fall off a cliff!

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    That's Stan not Roger silly :P

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    I dont get it

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    Ragnaros has really short legs, like the other guy in the left picture.

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    Actually, he's got pretty normal-length legs, they just look short because of his metal wang-protector.

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    Quote Originally Posted by halmotors View Post
    his metal wang-protector
    Cannot be unseen >_<
    -You might not like my methods, but you gotta love the results!-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chimina View Post
    Cannot be unseen >_<
    That's right...it's knee-length. And on fire.

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