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    How many whine topics did you see about Rebuke being made baseline from Paladins?
    How many about Skull Bash from Druids?
    And what about the mass amount of topics from Shamans complaining about getting Bind Elemental?

    Warlocks were not complaining about homogenization, they were complaining about not getting given enough new toys to play with. It's only homogenization if you don't get what you want. If you do, then it's "about time".
    No, locks got exactly what they wanted, a spam-able spell they could cast while moving. The gimmick is it hits with shadow/fire depending on the lower resistance. Four problems with this. Kings/MotW buffs all reistances. Resistance aura/totem buffs all resistances. CoE already negates resistances, and a good warlock will always put CoE on his kill target. Finally, anyone serious about PvP is going to have spell pen on his gear. This makes the secondary effect completely useless.

    I do remember seeing shamans bitching like crazy when they nerfed purge. The nerf to purge, and now dispel, are only happening because of homogenization.

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