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    =A= 25s Progression raiding <Crisp> Recruiting Boomkin, Warlock --- 2/13 HM


    <Crisp> is the #1 25man guild on US-Bealgun, currently in need of a highly skilled, 359+ geared Boomkin and Warlock for immediate raiding----

    Right now we are in direct need of, but not limited to, the following:

    Death Knight – Closed
    Druid – Resto/Boomkin (Very High)
    Hunter – (Closed)
    Mage – (Closed)
    Paladin – (Closed)
    Priest – (Closed)
    Rogue – (Closed)
    Shaman – (Closed)
    Warlock – (Very High)
    Warrior – (Closed)

    We will consider all other applicants of course, and we highly encourage you to fill out an application if you think you can handle hard modes and our schedule.
    We're VERY demanding on applicants, and we will not even bother to look at you unless you can fill out a simple application the way we ask, and you have done everything available for you to get ready for HM's

    Guild Outline
    We are a raiding guild that focuses more on enjoying the raiding scene as a team, and as friends, more than anything else. We do not care about gear, because it is plentiful and replaceable. We raid four nights a week, with 10mans and PvP on off-nights.

    What <Crisp> expects from its members?
    We demand that our members come prepared and ready to raid. Raid spots are earned in the guild, not awarded. If you are not pulling your weight you will be replaced. This is our commitment to excellence. We understand everyone makes mistakes, we just ask that you learn from them and try not to repeat them on a daily basis.

    Recruit Requirements
    Your recruitment could last two to four weeks, depending on how busy our GM and officer are with learning HM fights. We expect nearly 100% attendance during this period. You may be asked to sit during the recruitment period. You are required to come to a raid prepared to raid. Please come with all consumables, including but not limited to flasks, foods, and potions.

    Loot Distribution
    We use a Loot Council, distribution of loot depends on performance, attendance, and overall upgrade benefit.

    Raiding Schedule (all times are Eastern)
    Sunday - Off
    Monday - 8:30pm - 12:00am
    Tuesday - 8:30pm - 12:00am
    Wednesday - 8:30pm-12:00am
    Thursday - 8:30pm - 12:00am
    Friday - Off
    Saturday - Off

    All "off" nights can be used to run alt raids, PvP, etc. We encourage you to play with your guild mates as often as possible, and to participate frequently when you are able to.

    Any questions please ask our GM or officers
    Samiam(GM), Yinlatil, Zuniat, Chesticles
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