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    Rift Thread Guidelines and Links

    Rift Thread Rules and Guidelines

    Ask a mod before posting new RIFT threads!

    We're trying to keep this discussion well-organized while not monopolizing the entire forum. Let us know if you have suggestions!


    • The Forum Guidelines and Video Game Forum Guidelines still apply here.
    • Comparisons made with the purpose of bashing another game aren't acceptable. Comparisons made in a reasonable and levelheaded manner are fine!
    • Faction bashing is completely unacceptable.
    • Before asking a question, try to search and read around a little bit in the thread, especially if you think it might be a popular one.
    • Please report offensive posts instead of responding. Take a deep breath before posting if you're upset.

    Official Rift Threads

    General Rift Discussions: dungeons, quests, reputations, acheivements, collections, mounts, zones, and much more. Hopefully some amazing person will make a "Rift Newbie FAQ" that we could sticky in Helpful links!

    Character Builds: what Race to pick, what Calling to pick, or what Souls to pick - this includes both PvE and PvP builds!

    Make Friends: share which server you rolled on and what your character's name is to meet up with some awesome MMOC!

    Recruit-A-Friend megathread: find someone to recruit, or get a 7-day free trial!
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