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    Quote Originally Posted by Scratchee View Post
    I'd go to kill Hilter before he came into power.

    Also i'd go tell the poor people of Hiroshima,Nagasaki and Pearl Harbor to get the hell out of the respective zone

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    Can't believe somebody said it already! But I, too, would save Cliff Burton!

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    as much as i want to say what others have said, like stopping a horriible event or winning tons of money. i would go back and make sure i didnt didnt fuck things up with my ex. even she agrees that if this 1 thing didnt happen we would still be together..

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    1. Travel to 1986.

    2. Invest $5k in Microsoft.

    3. Sit on my ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beastclawx View Post
    I would go back to 6 May 2002, and save Pim Fortuyn. He was a politican who assassinated because he said things some people didnt like, so they simply shot him in his head and chest.

    I might also warn the Goverment for 9/11 or show the world what really happend at 9/11. Because I only will believe 9/11 was an inside job if their is clear and strict evidence of a setup.
    plenty of evidence. Just gota take the time to look

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    I'd probably go back and write master of puppets. Does that count? =)

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    I can't pick any.

    I'd warn Michael Jackson of his future and urge him to stay black.

    Or I'd go see Kurt Cobain and tell him his music rocks, but he shouldn't be signing any record deals because he'll feel like a sell out, and that's ultimately what he will be after his death.
    Secure accounts ftw!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Clempson View Post

    "Build a statue of your king."

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    I'd probably go back and attempt to prevent the Christian church from preventing scientific advancement for a good few hundred years, if not more so.

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    Tell adam and eve not to eat from the forbidden tree.

    Immortality ftw

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seys* View Post
    key to the lottery? hello?
    myeah this

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    I'd go back to the garden of eve and bitch slap that snake before he could /w eve.

    This world would be a better place naked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reluctant View Post
    I would choose to not do annything changing things in the past could always fuck things up alot more
    scuse me, what cartoon is that in ?

    The idea of it is, that if u f.x go back in time and kill a fly, which would have, if not killed, flown into some jews eye who, in reflex, would have punched hitler in the nose and made him hate jews.

    If u would have gone back in time and killed hitler, u would most likely be sentenced to death and ww2 wouldnt have started, but idk
    Quote Originally Posted by Yoonalol View Post
    wat are the 2 gob mounts.. i only know the trike

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    Damn it, didn't the infinite dragonflight, 1960's Star Trek and Dr. Who teach you people anything? Don't screw with the past, kthx.
    Do not ask questions for which you do not want the answers.

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    Go back in time, bump bill gates off and claim microsoft as me own and be the world's richest man and be incredibly bored now, not knowing what to do with all that money.

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    I would stop jews from crucyfying Jesus. No "christianity" would be there then. It could stop that plague from spreading all over the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sfidt View Post
    I would stop jews from crucyfying Jesus. No "christianity" would be there then. It could stop that plague from spreading all over the world.
    Because Judaism is so much better?

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    Definately to visit myself with some wise words.

    Don't go out with this chick. She'll ruin your life for 4 years.

    Don't sell your old gaming stuff. You'll hate yourself for it.

    Here's some winning Lotto numbers.

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    I'd go 20 years back in time,find he guys who formed blizzard,buy the whole company for a low price,invest all my money in it and let my developers work.Then I would stop the Activision fusion!

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    I would go tell the native americans (Indians) what is going to happen to them.

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