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    [A]Sanctuary - Lightbringer (12/12,1/13HM)

    Sanctuary is a PVE raiding guild on the US Lightbringer realm. We have switched to 10-man raiding for Cataclysm (two raid teams), but our guild has raided since vanilla and a good number of members have played her the entire time. We seek to maintain a fun and friendly atmosphere while endeavoring to see all of the game content ourselves (not just hear about what others have done). While we count many friends and family members among our ranks that do not raid, we also have a skilled raiding force that takes its raiding seriously as our success indicates.

    We raid Tue/Thu/Sun 6-10 pm PST.

    The following slots are currently open:

    Druid - Bear/Cat
    Paladin - Holy
    Hunter - MM/Survival

    For current information about Sanctuary and to apply, visit: forums.sancguild.net
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