View Poll Results: Which would you rather have falling from the sky?

77. You may not vote on this poll
  • Cows

    6 7.79%
  • Sugar

    35 45.45%
  • Meat

    13 16.88%
  • Spiders

    6 7.79%
  • Worms

    1 1.30%
  • Mud

    5 6.49%
  • Fish

    2 2.60%
  • Snakes

    1 1.30%
  • Frogs

    3 3.90%
  • Hermit Crabs

    5 6.49%
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    Stuff's falling from the sky! What do you get hit with?

    These items have fallen from the sky at one point or another; if you had your choice, which would you rather have falling on you? For the sake of argument, you're out in a field with no cover. There's no 'lol i duck itno mah hous an then im saef lololol'.

    Personally? Sugar. It's light. Meat would hurt falling from an altitude of several thousand feet.

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    Perhaps paper money. Coins have a similar problem to meat.

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    Bacon, Bacon and more Bacon!

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    Feathers, I guess this is more likely than sugar falling from the sky and it wouldn't hurt at all.

    Meh, no poll when I responded with that^

    I guess uhm... Frogs!

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    Poll posted, go vote!

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    Voted meat because BACON IS AWSOME!

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    No Money option? ;p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razorice View Post
    No Money option? ;p
    I considered adding it to the list, but I only have a maximum of ten choices, and I knew that if I put it on there everyone would just vote it anyway.

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    Spiders. They fall from the sky all the time. (And especially during fall)...

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    Pretty sure 1 kg. of sugar coming from thousands of feet will still hurt ..

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    none of those, But I had a bunch of pine cones hitting me once. Then I realized a squirrel was mad at me and was throwing shit at me.
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    I go for cows. tons of Kobe Beef Steaks!! Rare Please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neinen View Post
    Pretty sure 1 kg. of sugar coming from thousands of feet will still hurt ..
    For argument's sake, assume it's falling from the sky like it's being sprinkled from an airplane overhead, not bags of sugar plummeting to earth.

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    The poll results tell me why so many have Diabetes.

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    i prefer frogs, nothin wrong with that is there?

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    Spiders, just to fuck with everyone else.

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    why would i pick snakestorm over sugarstorm?

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