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    What is Datamining?

    What is datamining, exactly? I'm really impressed with all the new items and information in the website. Does it require a special programming knowledge to do that? It's really amazing lol On the other hand, isn't it against some kind of Blizzard's rule (EULA?) to datamine and post it on the internet for others to see? I guess it's apparently not lol as this website is going strong! Keep up the good work, mons!

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    You know that scene in the matrix, where you see all those numbers on the screen and the guy behind it explains how he sees it as people and stuff?
    Well, Bibi does the same.. Except that he sees items, spell-changes and boss-abilities.

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    1. Download a MPQ editor
    2. Open the new patch files (or the ones you want to look in to) in MPQ editor
    3. SEARCH!!!!
    4. Search
    5. search...

    Yeah that's about it, you need a program that is able to open different files, like photoshop for some picture files, VLC for sound and so on.

    This is also the only way you can get boss speeches without recording from the game

    Edit: Could post a video what a MPQ-file looks like when I get home. There is just like "My Documents" on your computer, with a lot of lists of different stuff. Most of the sound files are just wing flaps (like alysrazor) and stomps (lord rhyolith) sounds. So nothing intresting, until you accidently click the "BUUUURN!" sound with your speakers on max. Well you wake up at least ^^
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