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Thread: Pizza vs Burger

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    It depends on where I get it from, but normally I would prefer a pizza rather than a burger. I eat it rarely and only when I'm with friends, so if they choose burger/pizza, i take the same.
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    Pizza, no question.

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    I demand a 3rd option. Burrito. That is all

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    To be fair though, the burger picture you have is pretty pathetic compared to that pizza.

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    Pizza is italian for ninja fast food.
    You have more varieties with pizza than burgers.
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    Burger, melted cheese makes me feel sickly after eating a large amount. maybe all the grease.

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    my two favorite foods.. what a tough question... Though I would most likely have to pick pizza.

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    Pizza, and now that my opinion has been voiced...time to order one.

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    I love both so it's a hard decision. But, I think it's easier to get a large variety from pizza so that's why I voted for pizza. You can have so many combinations and flavors depending on your mood with a pizza. You can also have 1 pizza and feed several people with it, and please more people at a time with the topping combinations. You can't really do that with a burger. There is one type of pizza I absolutely refuse to eat and that's a plain cheese pizza (ok and anchovy). I have yet to eat one that's good from any place. Closest thing I can eat to it is the White Pizza (which has onions on it) from a local place near me.
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    A challenger appears:

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    Pizza. No doubt.

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    definitely pizza <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalopsia View Post

    I win.
    That's a pretty sweet wrist watch ya got there.

    Oh, and pizza > all
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    Can't decide really. They're both amazing and it depends a lot on my mood which I would rather take. If I was to choose between Pizza and Burger as the only food for the rest of my life though, I would probably vote for "Pizza" because of the greater variety.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AverageJoe42 View Post
    A challenger appears:

    That is not a buger/pizza. That is more of a pizza/taco, not the way it is being held in the bottom left image; that my friends is a traditional taco hold. Besides that, who in their right mind would put sour cream on a burger.

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    Burger is the clear winner for me, pizza gets old fast.

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    pizza.. Mmmmmm lots and lots of cheese
    burger kinda sucks.. too much rabbit food in it :/

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    Ok, best burger ever vs best pizza ever, Pizza.
    Average on the fly burger vs average on the fly pizza, burger.
    You hungry? Sure, what are you in the mood for, order in a pizza, maybe get a burger? Burger.

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    Pizza by a long shot

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