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Thread: Pizza vs Burger

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    Yeah I dunno, this is a hard decision. Would depend on where the pizza and burger came from.

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    i love pizza

    but burger has dat protein

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    Nothing beats pizza.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Megiddo View Post
    don't reply before checking this out;

    you may thank me later ;P
    is the person explaning the burgers the same dude who plays joe swanson?
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuvok View Post
    There must be a full day's worth of RDA calories in one 8th of that thing.
    Check here for reference :
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    pizza all the way woot

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    Pizza all the way

    Though Kalopsia won this thread on the first page

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    Pizza. Bonus points if there is so much cheese that it is hanging off.
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    pizza roflstomps burgers,
    burgers are still pretty good though
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    I prefere Pizza.
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    Kalopsia, please tell me you know where I can get one of those...not the pic, but the actual dish. It probably tastes pretty good, but the adventure is in actually trying to eat it, lol.

    OT: you can do alot of things with both pizzas and hamburgers, even alot of the same things. I've seen hamburger pizzas (pizza w/ cheddar cheese and hamburger bits, Tombstone has a pretty good one) but I have yet to see at pizza-hamburger. I don't think the idea is too far out there, but if it can't be done well, then pizza is obviously the winner, regardless of the poll.

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    Pizza, which has proper meat and none of that veggie / seafood shizzle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by druidicitus View Post
    Definitely pizza. Or burger made of pizzas. Or cake made of pizzas.
    Or a pizza where the toppings are smaller pizzas, with smaller pizzas on those for their toppings, and so on ad infinitum

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    Quote Originally Posted by malletin View Post

    sorry i couldnt find a proper picture but thats my basic idea of a good pizza.
    Oh dear, a standard danish salad pizza with kebab.... That thins is not a pizza, it's an abomination!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allìus View Post

    actually looks like the best combination
    Actually that looks like a hear attack.

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    I'd have to say Burger.

    In general I prefer pizza but burgers can be done so much better. Aberdeen angus..... mmmmmmm

    Quote Originally Posted by Allìus View Post

    actually looks like the best combination
    Just looks revolting.

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    Burger > Pizza.
    The Steakhouse Burger from the Burgerking around the corner is just plain awesome.
    My opinion might be biased because I always flirt with the hot twins there
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    I feel those pictures you posted make it very biased.

    When I saw the thread title and threat title only, I was torn.

    But as soon as I opened the thread and saw that wonderful, cheesy, titan of a pizza bursting out of my screen to my hungry hungry tum tum, OF COURSE I chose Pizza. Yes I capitalized Pizza, because it is GOD.

    That picture of a burger is so pathetic and measly.

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    Pizza if has imba cheese.
    Other way niicee and juiiicyyy burger!

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    Pizza hands down aswell :P

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