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    Detritus recruiting Resto Druid or Resto Shaman...

    We are a small, casual guild that prides itself on being competent and able to progress effeciently with a "hardcore" state of mind. Casual means that we raid 2 nights a week and help each other do heroics or PvP on any other night. Our schedule is usually 8-12 EST Wednesday and Sunday. Our guild is extremely stable, as most of our officers/guildmaster are real life friends who banded together to start raiding.

    We are an end-game PvE focused guild. Many of us also PvP and run arena teams on our own time. Our members are people with jobs, school, families, and other outside responsibilities and hobbies, so we are not "hardcore". We prioritize life over raiding.

    Before you consider applying to us, know this: We expect mature answers in your application with sentences longer than 3 words. Put some time into your application; first impressions are important. If an application looks like it has been written up in less than 3 minutes, then that is roughly the amount of time we will spend reading it.

    Beyond that, thanks for your interest! Our guild is always looking for exceptional applicants who, like us, love to see new content but cannot spend every waking hour playing World of Warcraft.

    We have a strict raiding schedule 2 days a week and expect our raiders to attend unless they notify us beforehand. We love this game and want to reach as many end-game goals as we can while still having fun in the process.

    You must have a strong desire to progress and win. We want to plow forwards and see the top areas. We expect that you fully understand your character's abilities, you bring consumables, and you have read boss strategies and watched videos prior to raid so we do not have to waste time explaining fights every night.

    You must have a strong sense of commitment and be optimistic. Since we only raid 2 nights a week we need everyone online on time ready to go. We will wipe, and wipe a lot. That's part of progression. We want to hear your strategy suggestions, but there is a proper time and place to voice your opinions. If you waste half of our preparation time complaining about wipes, costs, and mistakes, you won't be raiding with us long.

    You must be a team player. You cannot be in this just for the loot. You'll get loot, we'll all get loot, but we expect you will never complain about who wins what, or having to miss out on kills because of class rotations.

    You must have a good sense of humor and an excellent attention span. Our raid chat is open to lots of joking around, but when it is time to fight, we expect Ventrilo to be silent. We are looking for mature, interested players we can enjoy raiding, pvping, and laughing with and aren't shy to come to real life outings and party. At the same time, we want players who do their jobs, and well.

    Lastly, be a decent person. Your actions reflect the guild's actions. If you act like god's gift to the world in chats, parties, forums, anywhere, you can expect to lose our guild tag. We're a quieter guild who likes to progress on our own time by our own rules. We don't need drama or bad feelings hanging in the air. We expect every member of our team to show respect to all Warcraft players.

    Heres a quote from one of the most successful guilds in WoW. While not nearly as strict we expect the same nonetheless.

    You must be mature, patient, very good at your class, very experienced with pre-tbc and tbc raids. You must be able to follow orders and have the capacity to think quickly and react accordingly. Must have ventrilo and a mic, use them, but also know when to shut the fuck up. You must not: bitch, moan, cry, whine or otherwise bring any negativity to the raid, be a loot whore, or afk during raids. Must be self- sufficient in terms of consumables, gems, enchants and always come prepared. Attunements / Keys are a plus but not a requirement.

    As I am under the post limit for a bit longer, please send me a message and I will refer you to our application site.


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    Might help if I mention the server...

    Shattered Hand.

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