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    Quote Originally Posted by Covert View Post
    I can't wait to hear all of the crying from druids..
    What I'm really confused about is why on earth is shield bash being removed?
    *pummel is now useable in all stances.
    That's why.

    That's actually a buff to buff fury and arms in pvp, seing as if they now go defensive stance just to intervene or disarm, thus not equipping a shield, they can faster interrupt a cast if needed while being in defensive with no shield equipped

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    Quote Originally Posted by dahmer View Post
    I can completely understand the gold change on Magtheridon but why Kazzak and Karazhan? On my server I get to see Kazzak maybe once a month and Karazhan takes a bit of time to get through the place, why the hell are they taking out the fun ways of getting I supposed to play the auction house? Am I supposed to squeeze every copper out of everything while holding down and beating the new players so they immediately know that nobody is ever supposed to have fun when gold is involved?

    WoW is a game of options, several ways of getting experience, several ways of obtaining items, several ways of getting gold...and now they're going to mess with the only fun way. *very annoyed*
    I 100% agree with this.

    Buying low and selling high is somehow more acceptable than going back to instances that are just gathering dust.

    If I were a game designer, I'd want people to want to still see the work that took hundreds of hours, even if it's just for a tiny chunk of gold.

    They can nerf whatever class abilities they want in the name of balance, but nerfing fun for the sake of nerfing it is ridiculous. Did they really expect people to get by on 25 Dailies x 16g per day? iLvl 346 Blues go for 4k+ on US-Illidan (listed as Full). iLvl359 epics go for upwards of 48k (Fury of Angerforge trinket as an example) or 60k (BOE Caster cloak).

    They're basically saying: Play the AH, buy your gold or forever be poor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merylyan View Post
    Arrrrh, stop with combat rezes, I'm sick of paying repair bills 2 times per fight !
    Die less noob!

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    Also, wow people. Worked up much about a PTR update? I can understand comments like 'I don't think that will work well I hope it doesn't go live' or 'I understand why they're nerfing our AoE like every other class but I hope they give us a buff' etc, but 'WTF BLAZZARD I'M CANCELLING MY ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW BECAUSE YOUR CHANGE ON PTR', its like really? Over a PTR change??? You could see "patch update: all shadowpriest abilities are being nerfed by 50%, it doesn't mean its going live nor that its effecting you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rukh View Post
    Also, wow people. Worked up much about a PTR update? I can understand comments like 'I don't think that will work well I hope it doesn't go live' or 'I understand why they're nerfing our AoE like every other class but I hope they give us a buff' etc, but 'WTF BLAZZARD I'M CANCELLING MY ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW BECAUSE YOUR CHANGE ON PTR', its like really? Over a PTR change??? You could see "patch update: all shadowpriest abilities are being nerfed by 50%, it doesn't mean its going live nor that its effecting you.
    I'm certainly not going to quit over any realistic change they make, but in defense of the people you're mocking, I can count on one hand the number of major PTR changes have been reverted since Wrath.

    So, yeah it's probably easy for you to say "Get over it, it's a PTR and it might not go live", but in reality, the chances of them NOT going live are slim. I can also see how people get tired of seeing the rapid ups-and-downs of their class. It just pushes FOTM rerolls when your Class is constantly going from top of the chart potential to barely worth a raid slot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shredy View Post
    What the fu*k? Why are they nerfing Disc Priest again?
    absolutly agree m8. disc priest is inadaptable in pvp. bloody sh!t.

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    Makes me happy my account is going inactive now - nerfing boomkins again? Really? WHY?

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    Thought it had been a while since they buffed their 'hero class.' Lets give them battle rez and buff their silly aoe damage spell (ok I know the aoe damage is the same but it was already nuts now its more favourable on single targets also).

    - Jealous shadow priest

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    Aura Mastery: This ability no longer increases the benefit granted by Crusader Aura.

    Is it just me or wasn't that change made already? o_o dejavu!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beachcomber View Post
    To be honest, the devs must have gotten their lunch money taken by druids on several occasions. God forbid a class that can actually beat a Frost Mage.[COLOR="red"]
    Several classes can beat frost mages. Spriests, dks, sub rogues, Warlocks, anyone with a dispeller on them since mages have no dispel protection. Stop complaining about them.

    Powerword:Barrier nerf....really? They need to redesign the spell. It is a small area that you need to have people stack under for it to be effective. It is so situational, the nerf is not needed. Lets nerf the absorbs and damage mitigation of a spec that relies on them to be effective.

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    i don't like the spell reflection nerf as warrior tank V_V

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    Woo hoo they are nerfing Spell Reflect FINALLY! That will be a weight lifted off my shoulders! 25 sec CD is balanced. And Shield Bash is gone. Frickin awesome. GJ Blizz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antares View Post
    Flying in Ghostlands!! YAY! Next: Draenei and Blood Elf starting zones! *crosses fingers*
    Unfortunately, I don't think they'll be updating flying for Eversong Woods or Azuremyst + Bloodmyst Isles. There's not really a reason to, actually. If you're Alliance, when's the last time you went to Exodar on a character with flying? I myself haven't been to Exodar since I leveled my Draenei Warrior. Same with Horde and Silvermoon.

    The main reason they updated flying for Ghostlands is, due to the Zul'Aman revamp, people who have flying will begin going through that area again and it would be a step back in time to have flight taken away in that area.

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    Shield bash removed?? That was one of my favorite abilitys!!!!!

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    why are people crying about the nerfs? It's just to balance the game.

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    hmm well no more raise ally in 25mans i guess.

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    If they're gonna keep nerfing Priest's Shields, they really should give us something new =~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammonoske View Post
    Flame Leviathan: 160g
    Magtheridon: 500g
    Gruul the Dragonkiller: 250g
    Doom Lord Kazzak: 500g
    Karazhan: 418+ gold

    Grand Total: 1828+ gold in around 2+hrs

    Like working the AH doesn't make thousands more in the same amount of time.
    Working the AH doesn't introduce any new gold into the economy.

    Blizzard doesn't care how much gold you have, they care about how much of it you create.

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    The gold amounts on the following encounters have been substantially reduced: Flame Leviathan, Magtheridon, Gruul the Dragonkiller, Doom Lord Kazzak, and all encounters in Karazhan.

    OMFG??? for real they are accualy worried ppl farm gold there?? maybe they should worrie about bugs more.... like the Rep achievement for guilds...but no they worrie about gold sure....

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    Quote Originally Posted by creepygnome View Post
    Some of these changes are kinda nice, ie. Inner Will & Inner Focus, but at the same some are wtf ie. Shield Bash. Sometimes I really wonder how the devs make these decisions. Granted I don't play a Warrior.. was shield bash not being used? Or was is SO OP to warrant being removed?

    I have to agree with Netram the UI fix is WAY late. And Ghostlands made me laugh.
    That's because Pummel becomes usable in all stances, so Prot will use Pummel to interrupt now instead. Warriors do have a lot of spells and it IS kinda confusing for new players, I can imagine, especially with the IMO somewhat outdated Stance system. Doesn't make it any less fun, I personally am enjoying my Warrior a lot.

    I am thoroughly annoyed by the LB nerf, though. It's so blatantly PvP, and it will affect my Druid play style in PvE. The bloom effect made it fun. To refresh or to bloom? And the mana increase? What? Just WHY? See, these mana changes are pissing me off the most, really. Same happened to the priests I believe. It makes the feel of acquiring new gear and becoming better completely irrelevant, because the devs will be sure to nerf mana somehow so that you still feel like a freshly dinged 85 whenever they think there's, somehow, too much mana.

    Then there's the Swipe buff. Druids did not need that. Their AoE threat is more than fine. I'd even argue that after the DK nerf, their threat's close to being the best. That doesn't eliminate their other blatant weaknesses, though. What it does indicate however is that we're slowly moving back to a WOTLK style tanking. Right now, I dunno about you guys, heroics are WOTLK style. We may not AoE that much because it's not as strong as it used to be, but the effect is the same. Is this the intent? Soon we'll see warriors crying about Thunderclap, or Paladins about consecration. And why shouldn't they when DKs get BB without a cooldown and Druids get a three second swipe? On the other hand, glaring issues are being ignored. For example, the DK's ability to pick up adds is quite inferior to those of other classes. Just taking Maloriak's, when healers outaggro Icy Touch threat and they're immune to Death Grip - all he can do is hope they spawn at some proper location. Result: We just use another tank. Similarly, the whole bring the player not the class ideal is completely fucked up. We keep logging alts because we need buff X and buff Y. Not having a Shaman won't fly because you will need Nature Resistance. Not having a Demo lock or Ele shaman won't fly because of that still retarded buff that they bring. Some encounters rely so heavily on AoE that you're better off replacing that Enh shaman of yours, because his AoE suck balls. This is all fine by me, if this were the intent, right now I just feel shafted everytime we relog an alt.

    (I am talking heroic encounters, yes).

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