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    Could anyone hazzard a guess at when we are most likely to see 4.1 on live?

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    Woah, warlock buffs. o.0

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    Warlock buffs? I must be dreaming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lillbrorsan View Post
    No Hunter changes?
    Wow, something weird is sure going on, it's like if Blizzard knows what they are doing /sarcasm
    why what do u want to change on a hunter.. they got buffed massivly the other day, and nerfed to a decent % the next day..
    no changes needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkthunder View Post
    Then quit! Nobody's forcing you to stick around.
    So nobody is allowed to be upset or show displeasure with the changes or they should just quit? right? No this isn't a PTR where blizzard wants input from players, we should just suck it up and not say a word right?

    Quote Originally Posted by vihtahousu View Post
    Gotta love teh resto druid nerfs. lifebloom is sick atm; druids are keeping whole team up in 3s even when oom and cyclone without cd makes no sense compared to physic scream, hex or hammer of justice.

    Druids are best healers in arena atm and then u get nerf, just like resto shamans got themself nerfed from best healer to worst in last patch.

    You have no idea what you are talking about, you really don't.

    Quote Originally Posted by Second View Post
    How about you read it whole to get idea what are they doing, hm ?
    Obviously they are removing shield bash and putting pummel in its place - its all in there.
    Tbh good change as now silences are only two for prot (was incredible with that amount of control vs casters)
    Also notice spell reflect nerfs and such, hinting pvp was not consolided for prots.
    Frees them one spell, gets prot back in line. Sounds like good change.
    Quote Originally Posted by Myci View Post
    Shield bash being removed really isnt that bad, as pummel now does the same thing and can now be used in all stances
    Shield bash: Dazes target, 6 second lock out, full silence with gag order
    Pummel: No daze, not effected by gag order, 4 sec lock out

    It really isn't the same unless they make changes to talents in the next PTR build.
    As for prot... haha losers he dmg needs a nerf with the intercept shield bash wtf silence crit a clothie like a mofo.

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    For those of you asking why did DKs get the B-rez, ask yourself a question: Isn't it better than the shitty Raise Ally they currently have? I've raided with DKs for a while now and I have to say that I've never seen one of them use it.

    Edit: *Looks at Holy Paladin changes* I am okay with this =D.

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    Ho ho ho, dat slaps me on the knee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chord View Post
    If you read the entire thread that both quotes came out of you would realize they said threat generation isn't a problem at max level. The change in swipe was to address the issue with leveling up to 81 without thrash. This change seems to be a bit late though but is definately welcomed.
    AE threat generation is a problem at max level and this buff does greatly affect AE threat generation at max level.

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    Horray for warlock buffs! I hope afflic > destro this next patch, because I am tired of watching the imp sf buff.

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    # x Swipe (Bear) cooldown has been reduced to 3 seconds, down from 6.
    Is this valid for level 85? I have the PTR client (version, and my level 85 bear has still 6 seconds cooldown on swipe.
    Or is it meant to be the low level bear tanking fix?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Appel View Post
    why what do u want to change on a hunter.. they got buffed massivly the other day, and nerfed to a decent % the next day..
    no changes needed.
    Um what is this hunter nerf you speak of? The nerf was Aimed Shot to 160%, but the buff was AotH, and that came after the nerf....

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    anyone bitching about Resto Druid nerfs.. please go to and click off dps and on healers. you'll notice that ATM druids are the BEST healers. This very minor nerf to lifebloom will not effect you that much, and the buff to Tranquility is a very nice buff indeed.

    Now.. i AM glad to see they left Resto Shaman on the bottom.. /sarcasm.

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    Starsurge damage has been reduced by 20%.

    Simply amazing. I love how idiots in Blizzard think.... Nerf our passive spell so we lose 6%-8% total dps even with buff to mastery and now nerf starsurge!!!

    Redesign our mastery, if you cant figure it how after 6 yours af this game then don't make stupid changes like this... Or even better, remove Moonkins from game... Multi doting to get higher dps is not fun at all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss T View Post
    Difference is, when you kill stuff for drops you are increasing the ammount of gold in the economy.
    When you play the AH you are decreasing the ammount of gold in the economy. (via AH 5% sell fee & deposit fee from unsuccessful auctions)
    It's rather obvious that Blizzard has all the hard data about all gold sources and sinks of a realm's economy.
    If some of the sources get (ab)used in an unintended way and inflate the server's gold pool too much, they fix these sources.

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    So as prot warr i cant drag casters closer to me? :|

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    At least paladin's t11 will grant almost 100% uptime of that spirit now...
    ... but, let's wait till they fix the bad itemization on those pieces.
    WTB haste!

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    Flying in Ghostlands!! YAY! Next: Draenei and Blood Elf starting zones! *crosses fingers*

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    Everyone crying for buffs / nerfs just chill a bit. Everyone knows what they did to Unhol DK´s and other classes last patch (ie announced all the buffs early and in the last few days nerfed us to the ground as well as nerfed us a little bit more as soon as 4.0.6 went live)

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    As Elemental Shaman I was at first upset to see there are no change (buff) for elemental shaman.

    After seeing most of the changes in this update I am glad we weren't on the list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netram View Post
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    User Interface
    Like the Focus Frame, the character Unit and Target Frames can now be unlocked and moved to one's content.
    Only a billion years too late.

    Also, what's with these mad Fury buffs like fury needs it? I'm not gonna complain but I expected nerfs, not buffs.
    They're still adjusting to colossus smash nerf. It's a big deal for pvp burst.

    the difference between 100% armor penetration and 70% armor penetration is more like a 50% reduction in effectiveness of the skill not a 30% one.

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