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    * Doomguard's damage has been increased by 50%. The Doomguard is intended to be the best guardian for single-target damage, and the Infernal the best when there are multiple targets.
    * x Shadow Bite (Felhunter) damage and effect has doubled

    Seriously do they call that balancing? doubling the damage of one ability and increasing the other by 50%? i know they sucked before but im always thinking "okay theres a reason for that". but i guess there wasnt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alucard666 View Post
    pfff...srsly dude,just read the whole patch notes : you will see that they changed the glyph to reduce death's gate casting time,60% faster,aka useless!
    I posted my comment before the notes were updated tyvm. Chill out.

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    Frost DK changes make me feel all warm and fuzzy

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    Quote Originally Posted by methus View Post
    They are fine in 25m because they have all the buffs and stuff and even then it depends I guess on the fight itself. Go look at 10m which allot of guilds are also doing and you will see a dif story. Only reason moonkins shine in 25ms really is because some encounters have more adds 2 kill where multidoting while in an eclipse states does a significant amount of dmg.

    Still doing fine. Warriors are at the bottom no matter which graph you look at.

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    Spell reflection nerf made me happy . Also, I'm definitely rolling a DK to level 85 before 4.1 lands and I'll also get my rogue to 85 for PvP because of the recuperate buff.

    Good changes so far blizz, cant wait for 4.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Covert View Post
    I can't wait to hear all of the crying from druids..
    What I'm really confused about is why on earth is shield bash being removed?
    tranquility cooldown reduction more than makes up for 4% increased cost of a spell that is put up 3 times and its cost is regenerated before it is even needed to be refreshed . any druids depending on its bloom are just doing it wrong. only time LB is spammed is while in tree form which is basically free mana due to OOC procs. This druid is quite content

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    damn you blizzard! all your mucking around in the specs is pissing me offffffffff! garrrr

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    Starsurge Nerf? PvP QQ more?

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    The flying in Ghostlands is awesome, and I hope that flying in Eversong Woods and the Draenei zones will be enabled! But, as already was stated before, it's probably because of the reopening of ZA :/

    Yet, I continue to dream ;P

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    x Power Word: Barrier's cooldown has been increased to 3 minutes, up from 2, and its effect has been reduced to 25%, down from 30%.


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    I'm just going to wait till the final notes I suppose, then QQ if the starsurge nerf is real. " these owls pwn on aoe fights yo, so lets nerf single target"....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bantokar View Post
    Yeah just play something else. Brilliant solution. More fotm rerolling.. /rollseyes
    Do you really think that all of your 3 different specs should be good in PVP? thats not the case of _any_ class atm. You have feral and resto trees rly good. Balance is same state as prot warrior, elemental shaman, fire mage, destro warlock etc in arena

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    I didnt believe my eyes when I read this. I've been checking mmo-champion for incoming boomkin buffs ( which we need badly in pvp ), and what do i see???? a shitload of nerfs on the weakest class currently, and fucking buffs on fury warriors who kills ppl in 2 secs in pvp?Do they fucking play the own game? Our survival sucks and they will nerf our heal which already sucks compared to rogues and warriors healing, and we are a fucking hybrid class! And starsurge which is nothing more than decent in pvp, 20-30k crits which rarelty happends gets nerfed! Even if we do got high damage in pvp it relies heavely on eclipse which we never get in arenas, and also we can never use starfire and barely cast starsurge in arena, so we need high damage on those because they are a hard cast.

    Blizzard is just digging up the grave of boomkins to penetrate us with a damn spear to make sure we will never come back. hope your happy....

    Even though this is just a PTR change we can still see where it's going...
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    Starsurge hits like a Mack Truck. While I agree it could make Boomkin dmg spike in ways most PvPers couldn't handle it, the lowering in damage should have been more than compensated by increasing damage of other abilities. Perhaps that's still to come in 4.1.

    I am probably the only DK who uses Raise Ally, if the befallen is in my group. I do it because it's funny. People freak out or squeal in delight over Vent when they are suddenly a Ghoul.

    I'm hoping all the buffs to Frost DK aren't the slow buildup to an elaborate April Fool's Day joke, when they rip all the changes away

    Hooray for Shield Bash being removed for Pummel in all stances! It lines up nicely with Rebuke for all paladins. Warriors get the 4s silence, but it's on a 10s CD rather than 8s. Add that to Heroic Throw at early levels, and I might start leveling up my Warrior again.

    Hell is freezing over, because I'm seeing all Warlock buffs and no nerfs. Is this World of Warcraft? Really? REALLY?! And please, the more discouragement in using a Succubus at level cap, the better. I'm STILL bitter at being forced to talent Improved Succubus and have it out in every party/raid in TBC.

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    Nice i just lose my dazzed I used for pull with many casters =(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirque View Post
    Then there's the Swipe buff. Druids did not need that. Their AoE threat is more than fine. I'd even argue that after the DK nerf, their threat's close to being the best.
    If you had read in full the orginal threads which the blues commented on, you would have known they were talking about low-level bear tanks.
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    Its not like Haunt gets overpowered.... its just 30%

    0.3x4531=1359 more damage... woow

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    Does anyone know, with the buff to Doomguard, if Infernal will still win out for Destruction warlocks because of the straight buff to fire damage? Anyone sim'd this/tested it on the PTR yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigRob View Post
    Its not like Haunt gets overpowered.... its just 30%

    0.3x4531=1359 more damage... woow
    But the idea is that, and correct me if I'm wrong, since Haunt is supposed to be a damage multiplier for all your DoTs, by buffing it's damage, you simultaneously receive a buff to all your DoTs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirque View Post
    That's because Pummel becomes usable in all stances, so Prot will use Pummel to interrupt now instead.
    Shield Bash is or was better than Pummel...
    Warriors do have a lot of spells and it IS kinda confusing for new players, I can imagine, especially with the IMO somewhat outdated Stance system. Doesn't make it any less fun, I personally am enjoying my Warrior a lot.
    "New players" don't have all the spells and by lvl 60 those "new players" should already have a grasp on WTF they're doing.

    Yes i'm using "" on new players because i haven't really seen any new players... only alts and rerolls...
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    What a mess this is all becoming. Honestly, anyone can look at these changes (who's neutral regard you) and not question if blizzard actually-actually plays their own game? Class specs needing nerfs getting buffs, broken specs left behind again or even better nerfed further to the ground. Incredible. People always like to argue "lol blizz's a-team is still on WoW", when proof like this is staring them right back in the eye, it's sitting here right before them. The game is in shambles right now, and will need a miracle to get even remotely balanced. Seriously, we all should be worried about this game right now, or wondering about moving on to greener pastures.

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