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    WoW A lot.

    Now this threads not exactly for children since well, it doesnt really apply to u, time is endless in ure eyes(for the luvofgoooood dont talk about school, homework, happy ure life is so unweighted, and ure responsibilities are layed out for u), but for those who are adults and still crunch in WoW hours like crazy, whats ure excuse. I can say i have a decent social life atm, just left a girl n have few friends tho im new to the area after just moving, aannnnd moved to where theres literally NOTHING to do except go to the bowling ally or the bars(mountains are awesome right :< cant afford to tavel 6 hours a day to goto the clubs or mall. 3 up 3 back.) got a job and met a few peeps to chill with, tho in my spare time outside of work and friends (which is often a lot) i play WoW, tv bores me, and u can only read/look up stuff for so my case. i play with an IRL friend and often vent with him, he plays just as long as me but it still seems we play a loooooooooooot. we used to hardly have time for the game before we moved cuz of all the parties, places, casinoes and all the other good stuff a city has, but now theres like literally nothing to do. I personally hate people saying well get out and goto the bars then or go do this, i did this, i mean really...theres borderline nothing to do here unless u wanna go to bars, and with my personality, ill end up having fun then getting arrested for beatin some dumbass redneck up tryin to start shit for no reason, seriously thats whats the rage around here is dumbasses tryin to be tough, ive beat enough people asses already, what i moved outa the city for. So im kinda stuck here and trying to relocate but i was curious as to what some other addicts reasons are. are u just flat out addicted, or do u use this to escape, maybe u have a person u keep playing for, or maybe ure in the same boat as me, when theres really nothing better to do. OH and i would play other games cept a buddy has my controllers/games haha, idc enough to ask forrem bak yet cuz im enjoying my wow time :P

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    Nothing comprehensive to see here, folks. May as well save yourselves your sanity and move along. :P
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    wall of text crits you for 125k. Awch. Should've read your post first, Fenix :/

    OT, I'm not addicted. I was. I got over it. o/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenixdown View Post
    Nothing comprehensive to see here, folks. May as well save yourselves your sanity and move along. :P
    pretty awesome sig fenix i like that alot

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Amazing. You have nothing to do now that people who aren't you have cleared Ulduar.
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    PS: Pandas are awesome.

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    After adjusting my eyes and trying to read the huge wall of grammatically incorrect (not to mention horrid spelling) wall of text I think I got what you're trying to say here. I play while my girlfriend is at work, which gives me a lot of time during the day to level, get my pvp done and other things. When she gets home we spend time together, go out, see a movie, other social crap. When we get home it's about time for us to raid (yes we play WoW together). So I don't really have a "reason I'm addicted" to the game, it's just part of my day to day routine.

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    Ummm thanks for that. Unfortunately it's not formatted correctly and is in the wrong forum.

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