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    What is your flip record?

    So as the title asks: what is your record for nelf flips in a row? i just got 7 on PTR.
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    Doh...i thought this was in reference to flipping items on the ah to make a profit, 13k is my record.

    OT: I dont play NE sry

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    5 times
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    I've always been vaguely interested by the % chance that a nightelf has for performing a flip. Anyone know what it is?

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    7 here. The times i counted... Dunno maybe i did more during raid? And yes i was intrested in it too... Same with worgen atm...Or Belf twist

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    7 on my night elf. I raced changed it worgen and have only gotten 3 in a row so far.

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    I want a gnome flip. =(
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    Tauren flip would make me excited.

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    OT: I dont play NE sry
    If you are horde you can buy an item (I can't remember the name and don't have time to log on atm, ill try to post it later) from xylem's tower in azshara (you are sent there during part of the faded wizard hat chain) that always turns you into a night elf female. Actually, the 3 people that i know who have it all play female characters so I'm not 100% sure about that. 30 min duration, 15 min cd.

    But...it costs 5k g. Best money I ever spent though for night elf flips! Gonna suck if my guild ends up faction changing b/c it will probably disappear.

    edit: my record is 9, and a friend has 16!

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    9 is my flip record

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    i believe 7 tho well never had been good at counting.

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    Managed 8 last night. Thought of this thread.

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    Only three... I have to jump more.

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    4 or 5 i think...
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    14 is my record that I got in BC... That's how long it's been since I played my NE :/
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    I guess 5.

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