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    [H-25] <Intent> 12/12 LFM

    <Intent> of Rexxar Horde is recruiting for Heroics!

    We are 2/13 H

    We were previously a 10 man guild , but are now making the transition to 25 mans for Heroics.

    There are currently core raid positions available, including:

    Warlock - High

    Holy Paladin - High

    We raid 3 nights a week -

    Tues: 8-11
    Weds: 8-11
    Sun: 8-11

    Times are CST (Rexxar server time).

    Loot is distributed via loot council, with tracking of previous loot awarded.

    We expect applicants to be knowledgeable about their class, stay current with the best specs, gem/glyph/forging choices, and rotation/priorities with abilities. We also expect 90% or better attendance. We raid 3 nights a week - it is not a demanding schedule and we expect members to be able to commit fully. Any offspecs are highly encouraged/recommended for flexibility.

    <Intent> is a guild that was formed for Cataclysm by a group of real life and in-game friends for 10 man progression. The core 10 man has raided together for over 2 years. After killing Nefarian and delving into heroic modes, we have come to the conclusion (along with most of the WoW community) that 10 man heroics are simply not balanced and in some cases nigh-unkillable in their current forms without wacky gimmicks or stacking classes. This has led us to the decision to convert our guild from a 10 to a 25 man raiding guild. With a 2nd 10 man raid already in guild, it was fairly easy to put together most of a 25 man raid, but we are still missing a few key parts. This would be a great opportunity for you, as well as us, to become a part of a great core of raiders and progress through heroic content.

    If you are interested, please visit our website at;


    You can fill out an application by clicking Recruitment on the top nav bar, or browse our site for more information.

    You may also contact Jeszi, Spaarxx or Setsa in game for more information or to chat it up!

    We look forward to hearing from you.
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    still looking for more apps!

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    still actively recruiting

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    looking for a lock/pally

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    Raids: Tues, Weds, Sun 8-11 server.
    Recruiting to fill out our roster for Heroics.

    Now recruiting:
    3 Ranged DPS (Warlock / Mage / Spriest)
    1 Healer (Holy Pally / Priest)
    2 Melee DPS (Rogue / Feral Druid)

    Please visit our site for more information or click Recruitment to fill out an application!

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