View Poll Results: How will it end?

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  • Zombie invasion

    55 30.22%
  • Giant asteroid or comet

    10 5.49%
  • Pollution

    3 1.65%
  • Man made catastrophe (including bombs wars and any grizzly end you can dream up)

    8 4.40%
  • Mass suicide

    3 1.65%
  • WoW servers going down

    33 18.13%
  • Twilight Fans army taking over the world

    17 9.34%
  • Reversal or loss of the Earth's magnetic field

    10 5.49%
  • Reapers!

    23 12.64%
  • Other ( I'll tell you in the thread bellow)

    20 10.99%
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    Pandaren Monk Eace's Avatar
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    I wouldn't.

    What's with you morbid people. :l

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takkobella View Post
    You has been watching this too many times no?

    Maybe a little

    Hmm, since its not an option however I think i'll go for zombie apocalypse. It would be interesting to see how everyone's zombie plans turn out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smashzu View Post
    Choked to death by weed smoke, drowned in tequilla, or crushed by giant tits.
    This man knows what he's talking about. Make him president over the whole world, NOW!

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    Not really concerned I turn 30 on the 20th of December... Life's pretty much over anyway :P
    Real Paladins Do It with Crusader

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    Pit Lord Shamslam's Avatar
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    Something that causes a slow, agonizing death. Yeahhhh....
    I once had a character named "Clamslam" but Blizzard deemed it inappropriate.
    Retired from WoW: February 19, 2011. It was fun Blizz.

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    Boobs. I dont care how as long as it involves boobs.

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    There's something in the water... Florida
    black hole swallows solar system *yum*

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    Brewmaster Nielah's Avatar
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    If my world was to end in 2012 I would like to be overrun by playboy models suffocating me with all that silicone, moments after I got crowned to lead designer of wow and giving druids a instakill button.

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    Someone turned off gravity again.
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    It's fine to have one.
    It's fine to be proud of it.
    But please, don't whip it out in public and wave it around,
    And please, don't try to shove it down my children's throats.

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    Mechagnome Ademptio's Avatar
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    Astroid, or Meteor because its awsome to see before you d ie + painless...
    I dont wana die beeing scared chased by zombies and slowly eaten alive...?

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    wow servers going down... all wow players suicide..... somewhere nuclear weapons get launched againsts the places with mass suicide.. tho.. because of something in the nuclear weapons, all dead ppl + those dying of the nuclear bombs becomes zombies. when the zombies kill anything living (which there is probaly not alot back of...) it will becomes zombies also. then, lots of aliens come to the earth because they see our firework (nuclear weapons) and they will start shooting zombies and everything else to get a new planet. THEN! the sun burns out making the earth very very cold. (yes sun burns out and earth becomes cold in an instant!) making the world itself start to devour itself. water goes very very high. anything not exploded yet will go BOOOM. the earth will then throw lots and lots of lava out everywere (also in the water) making all of earth blow up for some reason. ....yes.
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    If I had to die in an unnatural way and I could pick any fantasy; Death himself, in a Jester costume, harvesting my soul. No one else may kill me

    This would be my answer then I guess, death himself just walking earth, in a Jester costume as I said, tearing it up.
    -Sig by tazsar aka. Gormlaith.

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    I would like to see zombie invasion like in Zombieland!!! I would then make my journey out to survive on the European highways and just steal some big nice car and drive over them and hopefully pick up some hot chicks on the way...and hopefully not die of starvation (194 cm tall...74kg weigh and still loosing ): So yeah zombieland and somehow get to USA and see it all before the nature deserts it all ^^ also i would practice my baseball skills on these zombies^^

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    Stood in the Fire Taronar's Avatar
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    I am up for HUGE wall of fire like in "The Knowing"(familiar to anyone?) I really loved the movie and it gotta be damn awesome to know that you will be toast and there is nothing you can do against it
    (ty catcleopatra for the awesome .gif!)
    My blood Death Knight

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    High Overlord
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    death by snoo snoo
    Must stand in fire ............... Fire GOOD

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    Zerg invasion.

    We are the swarm.

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    With a black veil of utter darkness descending over my eyes and then, through the darkness comes the green digital text;

    LEVEL 2
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    Imma say its not going to happen

    Y2K, South American(or african cant remember) Killer Bee infestation, The Cold War/Arms race, Signs of the end of times happening left and right for the past twenty or so years.

    Yeah, End of the World circumstances people blow out of proportion since Y2k, and before you know it, its 2013 and your still playing wow

    Get off the doomsday wagon!

    PS concerning the poles practicing gymnastics, I find it unlikely, there is a black hole at the center of the galaxy, but its surrounded by stars, so Im a tad bit skeptical about the poles flipping out, 'sides solar flares are more likely

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    Zombie apocalypse of course, with me wielding a gasoline driven chainsaw, and then limbs flying.


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    An invasion of bloodlust crazed orcs. With a schizophrenic leader and his demon second personality

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