View Poll Results: How will it end?

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  • Zombie invasion

    55 30.22%
  • Giant asteroid or comet

    10 5.49%
  • Pollution

    3 1.65%
  • Man made catastrophe (including bombs wars and any grizzly end you can dream up)

    8 4.40%
  • Mass suicide

    3 1.65%
  • WoW servers going down

    33 18.13%
  • Twilight Fans army taking over the world

    17 9.34%
  • Reversal or loss of the Earth's magnetic field

    10 5.49%
  • Reapers!

    23 12.64%
  • Other ( I'll tell you in the thread bellow)

    20 10.99%
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    Alien Invasion... the end is nigh!!!

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    The Patient
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    I'd want everyone to be trampled, buried then removed from the game. Wizards of the Coast MTG style

    My favourite creations to wipe out the human civilization?

    Verdant Force and his hordes of saproling tokens on each upkeep

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    Deathwing shows up and makes a new chin for himself out of the statue of liberty. After that he goes majin boo on us by one shotting the world.

    This is the power of the unmaker of worlds.

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    Giant squids being sick of skulking around at the bottom of the ocean decide to take to the land en masse starting with the states cause there's more food (read fat people) there than anywhere else in the world, then without "America" to protect us the squids just casually eat their way around the world eventually culminating in discovering bacon wrapped human flesh. They then keep a few humans around to breed and farm bacon, because nothing would be more delicious than bacon wrapped human flesh deep fried in whale oil.

    you know giant squids are smrt (intentional)

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    I'd like to see a mass brawl between Ross Kemp, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Arnie & Sly Stallone. Seeing as each of them are seemingly unkillable They'd just fight forever, and eventually everyone would be wiped out as collateral

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    just get yourself to the nearest abandoned nuclear bunker and you will be fine trust me

    love from John Conner (ill be back)

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    The world will die because of the religion, fact.. The muslims are retarded and crazed people..

    User Banned for this comment. Never bash religion on our forums. ~ Fuzzzie
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    When We Ride Our Enemies..

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    High Overlord DansWarrior's Avatar
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    Justin Bieber sings so loud, he blows our brains and leaves us with the echoes of "Baby" left inside our souls.

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    Supernova, I know its not possible since the sun has to be a red giant first and our sun is not capable of a supernova. But wouldn´t it be awesome to see the sun exploding and watch the beatiful fires flying towards the earth. Would be about a minutes of beatiful scenery and then insta death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DansWarrior View Post
    Justin Bieber sings so loud, he blows our brains and leaves us with the echoes of "Baby" left inside our souls.
    Worst. End. Ever.

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    crab people invasion.

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    If humanity has to die, lets die the way we lived; carpet bombing each other into oblivion.

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    is there really any option beside the Zombiapocalypse?

    no, there isn't
    i mean, i get to smash a weapon store with my car, grab as many bullets as i possibly can, and going around town shooting people in the face (yes, i will die eventually, but then i get raised back as an undead minion and EAT the people i shot in the face!)

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    Was a hard choice between mass suicide and zombies

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