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    [Music] Kid Cudi

    The only other musical artists who has as many songs I like as Kid Cudi is The Beatles. In fact, I think I like more Kid Cudi songs than The Beatles, which is really saying something considering how many more songs The Beatles put out. Not really sure how to put this, but almost every song I hear by him just seems amazing, and I could listen to over and over. Just wanted to share this with those who don't know Kid Cudi in hopes they will check him out as well. He has a few songs that are very popular, but most aren't compared to Lady Gaga or someone very big like her. Some songs I'd suggest listening to if you are interested would be: All Along, Up Up and Away, Embrace the Martian, Mojo so Dope, The Prayer, Enter Galactic, and Soundtrack to My Life. What are your thoughts on him?

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    There's an Eminem vs. KiD CuDi thread somewhere, maybe it got pushed to a different page.

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