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    Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo

    Biggest letdown of the year thus far?

    Christ I thought I had accidentally kicked off the beta at first. Literally nothing changed.
    almost zero graphical options to play with.

    Bloom effects are exaggerated and motion sickness quickly follows.

    Visually It feels like your playing FEAR. But it plays clunky. Its very arcadish ala COD.
    Oh and AUTO AIM lol?

    Performance wise I can say it easily holds 60fps with

    AMD X4 965
    8GB Ram
    (2) 6850's
    Win7 64Bit

    oh and to make things better DX11 support will not ship with the game.

    DX11 Support Sources:

    Crysis 2 Multiplayer Download:,12299.html

    Direct Download:

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    I played the hell out of the beta, but got burnt out quickly. Downloaded the beta and didn't really have much fun. I found a few changes from the beta, like coming out of stealth mode and shooting someone right after. In beta, you could stealth, then go into armor mode without delay and get the drop on someone. In the demo, it seems that you have to wait a second before shooting or it will drain all your energy.

    The game is fun for a while, but there is hardly any weapons in the game and you get bored quite quickly. Also, Auto Aim didn't work in the beta. I really noticed it in the demo. Quite stupid to have on a PC title.

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    I can't really comment on much since I only just downloaded it yesterday, but from what I played the game is really fun. However it's a FPS. You cannot play it for hours on end and expect to not be burnt out..this is true for any fps.

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    The more customization you have (i.e more guns, modifications, and appearance changes), the longer you can last without burning out. This game has on average, 2 guns per class, and there is only 4 classes. There isn't many modifications either. Some guns you cant mod at all. Others you can maybe put a red dot and silencer on them.

    FPS games these days are expected to have a lot of customization, as there is little other gameplay than to shoot people.

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    It's a major camping game right now. Sit in stealth in the corner of the map wait for someone with cloak to wizz by and open fire.

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    You wont be able to succeed in this game by camping. There are ways to detect stealth. I was pretty much top score 99% of the time by constantly moving. The spawns are weird in the game.

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    This may sound 'trolly' or 'generic' but.. beta is beta? Perhaps since it's a demo they only gave you a slight perview of controls and whatnot, perhaps we'll see more on the actual release. /shrug

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    I've enjoyed the game. Camping is not an issue. You want to keep moving - don't stop - make use of cloak but be smart about it. I went 25-2 the other day in Instant Action so I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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    Felt like I was playing another console game. Another letdown if you will.
    First game I have ever seen where you could barely change anything in graphics options, what's up with that?

    I will at least not be buying this.

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    My download died at 1.48 GB... FUCK YOU EA!
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    Reminds me a lot of COD but way more pretty. Everything has stupid amounts of bloom but hey its Crysis. As far as camping LOL wut. Camping is stupid and gets you nothing but cheap kills and it is easy to find cloak tards doing so. Hell you cant even get Killstreaks being a nub camper due to dog tag collecting. I didnt see camping being an issue at all.

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    I enjoyed it. Lots of getting shot in the back but the stealth fights are fun.

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    The game was fun for a few hours but got dull quickly and the server browser is terrible. But now I do have $70 to spend on other games.

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    It wasn't bad but I think that Bad Company 2 is the better Multiplayer FPS in pretty much every way.

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    Prime example of incredibly entertaining PC FPS ruined by consoles.

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    Why can't we just bring back the 100 HP mechanic! No more recuperating from lost limbs and bullets in head.

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    I'm enjoying the demo. I know DX11 isn't enabled yet (and probably won't be at launch), and that you can't really customize the graphics, but whatever, the game still looks good. I'm having a blast! Feels so much better than CoD:BO

    Camping is indeed not a problem by the way. As said before, each person you kill will drop a dog tag. Only those dog tags will count towards your "killstreak" (to say it in CoD terms) meaning you have to move to get them. also, in stealth you're still partially visible, like an outline.
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    I really enjoyed it and I'm not a fan of fps MP. Was going to buy this game mostly for the SP but I may enjoy the MP when all the features are added.
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    Crysis 2 is Crysis 1 with bad graphic and tuned for consoles.

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    Again, the demo was only 1.6gigabytes download so I doubt it had any other graphics settings than the default or lower even if the boxes said otherwise.

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