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    Greate idea ;better than my Improved psychic scream change suggestion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holycard View Post
    I have responded to this thread. I am 100% convinced that a 3rd shielding option will allow far better balance for the Disc spec. If you agree, I suggest posting in this thread to garner attention. I proposed an additional low HPS, high HPM, 12-15sec shield in the thread.

    If you agree with the 3rd shielding option, I would suggest either supporting Holycard's or my own suggestion in the above link.

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    sounds great!

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    Also, Holycard, I would suggest posting this in the general healing forums. I'll be happy to copy my response.

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    Ya I can do that now. Thats not like against any forum posting rules is it? Posting the same thread in 2 different areas?

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    props, this is REALLY well-thought-out and considerative of a lot of complicated interplay.

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    Thank you for all the positive comments! And Spiritus, posted in the healers forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holycard View Post
    [Spell Name]: Consumes Grace on the target, healing target for X amount. Each stack of grace gives a 33% chance to proc Divine Aegis.
    being on a EU realm, can't reply on off forums, just wondered if it wouldn't be better if it was tweaked/reworded to look like :

    "Heals target for X, consuming priest Grace stacks in the process. Each stack increases this spell critical strike chance and Divine Aegis effect on target by 33%."

    or (i prefer this one)

    "Heals target for X and triggers Divine Aegis, consuming priest Grace stacks in the process. Each stack increases Divine Aegis effect on target by 33% (or more?)."

    why the change you may ask. well, this would allow a moderate heal spell to create an aegis effect higher than it should normaly.

    if it's an instant cast spell, it should probably have a 6-10s cd, or else make it a 2s cast time spell that could complement Flash Heal while being so much cheaper but as powerfull provided target has 3 Grace Stacks.
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    Needs to be an instant cast so there is no worry about interrupt. I didn't want a cool down on it because it consumes grace entirely. Grace takes time to put on a target, 3 heal/gheals would take ~7 seconds, so won't be spammed. Yes you can use Penance for a quick 3 stacks, but thats the disc priest "awesome heal", so I think you should be allowed to use this spell again after that if you want.

    Also, this spell isnt supposed to be a huge heal, it's a decent heal that can be used while you're waiting for your Rapture cool down to end. Or to use on a baddie dps who keeps standing in fire, and is trying to tell you that the renew you gave him isn't enough to make up for his badness, so you use this spell on him instead of giving him the good shield.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holycard View Post
    Thank you for all the positive comments! And Spiritus, posted in the healers forum.
    Post the link. I think it got buried already.

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    I actually really like the idea. But giving another direct heal isn't going to stop the mass bubbling haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bokchoii View Post
    I actually really like the idea. But giving another direct heal isn't going to stop the mass bubbling haha.
    Well, PW:S has become quite expensive and considering this spell would apply DA (Altho not sure how strong), it may be worth it in alot of situations.

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    Sounds a lot like holy power cept its on a player. Seems neat.

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    Here it is Spiritus:

    And Bokchoii, with the increase to the mana cost and the reduction in its duration, I can see bubble spamming draining major mana. Granted when gear improves, something will need to be done, but I think this would be an excellent spell that works with mastery, and won't drain mana. And an idea in an earlier post is somewhat growing on me, about a glyph that removes a certain % of the heal and adds it to the absorption amount. This could be a problem though, because I can see this becoming the new "bubble spamming", maybe.

    Also, a few people have commented on the "renew procs Grace" idea and says it's too much. So what do you guys think of a talent that says something along the lines of "The last tick of renew applies 3 stacks of Grace." Unless people are more worried about the idea of huge Prayer of Healing procs, and not so much about a good renew. Actually, just occurred to me, there wouldn't be a problem with Grace lasting a really long time with this, because it would only be on the last tick, and just last 15 seconds.

    Ya....I'm changing my post to have this idea, seems more balanced!

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    I'm really not sure how I feel about this. Disc certainly needs another instant heal/shield, but consuming Grace is a little strange and worryingly similar to Word of Glory. I think Disc definitely needs another shield, whether through a forced Divine Aegis or a Power Word: Shell or something.

    I'm not really sure pulling new resource management into the spec is the way forward (Though it would certainly make it feel less like Holy, which is good), I would rather they just gave Disc more control over DA like having Penance or Heal or something always proc it. Or even just causing your Inner Focus'd spells to always proc it.

    I still think something should be done with Holy Nova though. Maybe Holy Nova self healing gets pumped into PW:S as well as healing or something? Honestly, there's so many places they could go with the amount of spells in our kit it's a shame things have turned out the way they have.

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    Having our heals proc DA would pretty much be the Holy pallys mastery, so not a fan of that. And I feel this acts as the "second bubble" people are asking for. I would prefer to have the healing there instead of a pure bubble, but for people that just want a bubble can get the glyph I mentioned earlier.

    Just idea's

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    I like the idea.

    But I am still wondering why there are still some Disc priests that use Renew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KnickKnack View Post
    I like the idea.

    But I am still wondering why there are still some Disc priests that use Renew.
    Because it heals for roughly the same amount as Heal, and is instant? I generally throw it on ranged who are out of Atonement range.
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    I want a PoH-style PW:S... that's what Barrier was originally supposed to be. It would be a 2-sec cast that would absorb 8,000 damage from each person in a group, lasting 8 seconds. Same mana cost as PoH. Each person would get Weakened Soul that lasts for about 4 seconds.

    That way it can't be spammed, so if a group is taking damage then a Disc priest might PW:S one of the group members for the Borrowed Time buff, and then everyone else gets a smaller shield, giving the Priest time to cast a Prayer of Healing, which causes further absorption through DA.
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    Still need mobility, meaning no cast time. Mobility it my main focus, it is what I desire….. <_<

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