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    single minded fury pvp questions

    I am not sure if this has been asked but O well... Im runing smf pvp and wanted to know...if this sounds about right....
    I am reforging for crit
    20/20 exp
    5% hit
    and adding hurricane as weapon ench... im kind of at a loss on the weapon ench.. i see alot of avalanches and landslide i cant afford that soo any help would be appreciate... please dont respond to go titans grip because thats not what im looking to do thanks alot guys!

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    Hurricane and Avalanche are almost the same for SMF. I would go with avalanche.
    Yes, keep reforging to crit.
    5% hit is enough
    Expertise.. If you can make it crit or mastery, do it. If you can't, keep it.
    You already know TG is better for fury pvp and I understand the fact that you like SMF-me too.

    Although with the incoming patch, fury will be so much behind arms in pvp. So much..

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    it will. but it gets buffed in one or the other way. Main problem at the moment is, that you can get rage starved. this problem might get solved with 50% flurry (who knows) and another big problem in group pvp is diminishing returns of your charge / intercept(s). its a pitty that we lose 4 sec intercept stun and some burst through colossus smash, but it doesnt seem to be so bad.

    but fury has anyway not enough utility to play in 2,3k arena and upwards, that will never change (unless they give us some new toys, what i dont expect), and for rated BGs you can consider the changes as a buff.

    Ulon: keep maximizing your crit rate, it will become even better with patch

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    Thank guys... Well I wasted my conquest points on one handers lol and now its looking like ima have to go for arms... o well tho.. guys i got my sword for def stance lol

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