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    Balance Druid looking for a UI

    Hi, I play a balance druid and I'm looking to completely redo my user interface. I currently use default, I've never had a problem with it. But, its time to improve my UI as its getting clustered. I'm looking for insight specifically for balance druids timers/eclipse bar etc. but any insight would be welcome. something simple and elegant that will allow me to perform and enjoy at the top of my capabilities



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    Check out Lui (Search in google.co.uk) it's the first link. I use it, and I loves it.

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    You don't have to change anything that you don't feel needs changing. If it works for you, and you believe you're doing well, then it's fine.

    If you wanna change the size of your Eclipse bar or move it, try this. This one predicts your solar/lunar energy changes on the fly.

    A simple way to improve efficiencies with DoTs is with a DoT tracker like Tell Me When, Need to Know, Power Auras, or DoTimer and other great ones.

    There's plenty you could *theoretically* do to help, but only fix what's broken.

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    Any pre-made UI is what another user thinks you need and therefore will always be a compromise.
    The best approach should you really want a UI which works for YOU, is to figure out what information you are lacking or finding insufficient and base a UI around that.
    Tell us what you want functionality and information-wise and then we can try to suggest specific addons which will cater the UI to what you need, not the opinions of someone else.

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    I guess what I want it to clear up my screen I play on a laptop with a 15" screen I simply am running out of room and want more space, also I'd like to move some of the more important things to the centre of my screen such as my eclipse bar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leesa View Post
    Check out Lui (Search in google.co.uk) it's the first link. I use it, and I loves it.
    Someone beats me to it :>
    And if you're lazy:

    Quote Originally Posted by ComputerNerd View Post
    Any pre-made UI is what another user thinks you need and therefore will always be a compromise.
    Obviously, this will always happen. But some UIs packages are basically "Here i uploaded my Interface/WTF Folders", and some others are more on the customizable side to help with the exact problem you're talking about.
    But there will always be compromises, just the way things are. Even the Default UI is like that.
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    I don't want to call Boubouille and wake her up for something like this.

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    i had a question, that looked really hot and i wanted to try it, but it says put the interface folder in your wow directory. which folder is that because i couldnt get it to work by putting it in the addon folder
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    Balance Druid UI

    Fellow Balance Druid here
    My UI: (Old SS, made some subtle tweaks) tinypic . com /11769s6 . jpg
    Does what i want it to, took me a while to get what i wanted, best to have a go at piecing together addons that you use frequently into something that is aesthetically pleasing for you to look at while playing

    P.S Unable to Post links at the mo, just remove the spaces
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    i would say , The only Addon i prio use in my moonkin Ui are

    Balance power tracker
    Druidtimerbars : verry nice addon
    rest like Action bars and stuff u can just Pick what u like etc

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