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    Who do you think was the best in the NFL Scouting Combine for 2011?

    I would make this a poll, but it's not worth it considering there can be so many different answers. I can't wait to hear all of the good / bad answers you guys give

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    Patrick Peterson was a beast, showed why he was the top rated corner going into the combine.

    Cam Newton (I may start calling him RusselMkII) didn't impress. I can't throw to save my life, but at least I don't act like I can because I can run the damn football. How can you overshoot that often? Message to every team with a need at QB: Stay away from him, give him to someone who can mentor the dude, then he may be decent. Get a defensive play in the first round and grab Dalton in the second, Kaepernick (sp?) from Nevada should be in even later than that, and watching some of Nevada's games: he did rather well.
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